WRTSL54GS NAS Authentication Help

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by *freelancer*, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. *freelancer*

    *freelancer* LI Guru Member

    Hiya !

    I run HyperWRT SL Thibor17rc3 on WRTSL54GS and have successfully attached a 320GB USB HD to the WRTSL54GS. The HDD is visible from all 3 laptops on same workgroup – wireless and cabled.

    The very FIRST time I logged in as guest from one PC (while testing) successfully and now Windows always remembers it - NOW when I want it to re-authenticate – to let me in as ADMIN, it just does not ask me for any ID/Pwd.

    I go to ‘View Workgroup Computers’ and it shows the WRTSL54GS – When I click on it, I go in to the USB Drive/Share as Guest.

    Even if I delete the Share or revoke access to guest group – whatever !!

    Is there a way to flush the network paths/cache or something? Can I set it to authenticate every time I try to connect to it?

    Moreover, I can only SEE the contents of a share – I cannot upload/paste stuff in it and get access denied error – Maybe because it logs me in automatically as GUEST.

    Please Help.
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