WRTSL54GS Owners: What firmware and mods u running?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Darryl Licht, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Darryl Licht

    Darryl Licht LI Guru Member

    It doesnt seem like many here are tweaking the WRTSL54GS, and Im not sure why!

    It has a faster cpu and similar features to the WRT54 GS/GL line.

    i.e.; 266 MHz CPU, 32 MB RAM, 8 MB Flash. In addition; it includes Linux-based OS, SpeedBooster support, additional firmware features, and an external USB 2.0 port (StorageLink) for network storage.

    What are you guys doing with this router? Which OS is best? Anyone modded the antenna?
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Just about all OS work great, though i believe thibors is the only one with usb support. And i do not believe that anyone has messed with the antenna.
  3. Darryl Licht

    Darryl Licht LI Guru Member

    Txh ifican!!!

    I was under the impression that DDWRT now supported storage... anyone?
  4. stangri

    stangri LI Guru Member

    I've used the X-WRT (it's OpenWRT + nicer web interface) and I would highly recommend it. It would require installation of additional packages (can be done thru the web interface as well) but it does support both USB storage and printing (couldn't make it work for 2 printers at the same time tho, but then maybe I didn't try hard enough).
    If you're curious about linux and want to get your feet wet with some command line interface at a comfortable pace (meaning you don't have to study long manuals just to enable secure wireless or open ports, but you can do all that from the command line when you learn stuff) I would highly recommend X-WRT.
    Just a word of advice, my v1 unit would never take the original OpenWRT images, but worked fine with the custom X-WRT ones.
    Good luck!
  5. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    OpenWRT WhiteRussian v0.9 on several, now Kamikaze 7.06 on one.

    I have mostly serial ports added to mine. See the OpenWRT wiki hardware page for this device. We have maps of the JTAG location and GPIO pins now. I am working on tackling RAM upgrade and an RP-TNC or RP-SMA antenna port next. If I can find a dead motherboard I can scavenge the stacked 2-USB port from, I will replace the single-port and have 2 of them onboard the router.

    Very capable device, too bad it's crippled in several ways. I find it apalling how flash and RAM seem static since several years ago. Companies are using lowered cost to manufacture same product to increase profits, nothing is going into offering an improved product!
  6. redsandvb

    redsandvb Network Guru Member

    I'm using thibor 16b, also wondering if I need to move up to 17rc3. I'm not having any trouble (that I know of). I was thinking of just waiting until 17 is final.
  7. Darryl Licht

    Darryl Licht LI Guru Member

    Yeah I am running that v 17 release candidate 3 and it is fine so far!
  8. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I was using thibors from the start, however the USB support is now redunant since i now have a dedicated NAS Device (Synology CS407) so i am trying out the Tomato flavoured firmware now.
  9. frenchy2k1

    frenchy2k1 LI Guru Member

    Using Thibor 17rc2 i think...
    I played a bit with storage, but it is quite slow and i already have a server for NAS and files on the network. I used thibor to boost the signal, but backed down after I added a reflector (gained enough signal that way).
    As it's my only router at home, I cannot really afford to tinker with it too much if i want to keep internet ;)
  10. Darryl Licht

    Darryl Licht LI Guru Member

    Yes the USB storage is slow, but it seems much faster with Thibor... not sure gonna have to test that at a later date! However, I am an Instructor at a local college, and the FTP ability is very useful to me if I forget a file at home! In addition I am a computer consultant and have many utilities that I can get at wherever I have Internet.

    What did you use to construct your reflector? Do you have pics?
  11. frenchy2k1

    frenchy2k1 LI Guru Member

    I followed the cutout found here:

    Printed it on a cardboard paper that came with some photo paper stack (to keep it rigid) and then glued the aluminum foil on it. Easy as pie and quite effective. Directional though, but it suits me fine (my wireless is for wire replacement to/from desktops, not freedom of movement).
  12. ka9yhd

    ka9yhd LI Guru Member

  13. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    I just upgraded my home SL unit to dual-port USB!

    Remove the single-port. Much use of solder-sucker and braid.

    Pulled a stacked dual-USB port from an old PC motherboard, soldered into place on the SL.

    Attached flash-drive to either port, was able to access it just fine.

    This is by far the easiest mod you can do to the SL.
  14. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Argggh! I am cursing the designer who put the JTAG on the SL in the form of test-points.

    I succesfully soldered 5 wires for JTAG onto one unit. Very touchy work. Phew, but it is possible. Ran wires to other side, connected them to legs of 12-pin connector. JTAG worked just fine with /noreset /skipdetect /instrlen:8

    Unfortunately this was just for practice, on seemingly dead unit sent from JimWright.

    I decided to do a working SL also, this unit slated to be used later for RAM upgrade testing. Wanted to put in 2 Micron RAM and go to 128 megs. Unfortunately this did not go well. It only take a second too long on touching the test points, and poof 2 of them burned off the contact. So now it is useless to me except as home-router for production no dev work. It has the serial-console and dual-USB though which is good.

    Memory upgrade project now on hold.
  15. wajasu

    wajasu Guest

    You may be able to salvage the jtag pads by following the traces on th WRTSL54GS

    The vias can be found not to far the original pads, so you could salvage the JTAG on that board.

    The top 3 RH49-46 are easy to see and are down and to the right. RH43 has a via just to the right of the pad under the white lines. Just use a razor blade to progressively scrape off the white, then green, until you see the copper, then tin it and attach the jtag wire. I have been taping the ribbon cable onto the board with a piece of masking tape to keep from yanking them loose.

    I'm abut to try to add a 2nd 32MB 32Mx16 chip. Wish me luck.
  16. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Is a Weller soldering pencil overkill for this work? I think it's 12 Watts which works great when I'm soldering on header pins but perhaps I should something adjustable and dial it down for working on traces. I am a n00b at soldering and self-taught so don't know all the right terms yet.

    I will definitely look at the idea of soldering onto some earlier point then, thanks for the idea!
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