wrtsl54gs & vista

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by DRTigerlilly, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. DRTigerlilly

    DRTigerlilly LI Guru Member

    has anyone been using the wrtsl54gs with vista rtm?
    or has found a work around for being able to access the NAS?
  2. macdaddy

    macdaddy Network Guru Member

    Yes i have been Vista Ultimate Edition the past couple of weeks and its a complete nightmare,

    Trouble is the new and improved TCP/IP stack in Windows Vista falls apart when it encounters an SPI-enabled router.
    One workaround is to disable SPI on the router. That significantly weakens a key layer of network security, but it allows Internet traffic to get through

    Another work around is Go to Local Area Properties Setting -> Configure -> Advanced -> Change "IPv4 and Chnage IPv6 aswell...
    Checksum Offload" to DISABLED

    So i have dumped vista and reinstalled Xp pro again and works fine... wouldn't recommend installing it just yet.

    Thats using a WRT54GS V1 router and WRTSL54GS.....
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    hooray for vista. good old microsoft blames everyone else for its changes:) think i'll give vista a miss..... for about a year.
  4. mazilo

    mazilo Network Guru Member

    M$ is trying to lead us to its own direction. Thank goodness there is Unix/Linux and Mac; otherwise, M$ will become a de facto standard to lead us to where ever it wants. ;)
  5. macdaddy

    macdaddy Network Guru Member

    This is a serious problem on microsofts part, and on friday OEM's will be installing this on all the new workstations...

    Going to cause alot of problems and whats microsoft doing about not much at the moment, as i have been following this on the technet site.
  6. DRTigerlilly

    DRTigerlilly LI Guru Member

    not seeing the options you mentioned for the 2nd workaround.
    I did disable the SP1 no go.
    what i wanted to know was, with these workarounds were you then able to access the attached hardrives on the wrtsl54gs?
  7. exterminador

    exterminador Guest

    Hi, yes I`m trying to... I guess what's the problem. You have to put the username like this:

    username: WRTSL54GS\admin
    password: yourpassword

    just replace WRTSL54GS with the name you've set on the "Setup->Basic Setup->Router Name" field, just notice that (maybe because changes in vista's networking mentioned above) you have to write it on capital letters. And done! you can now login to the shared disk,

    but.... surprisingly (it happens to me) you cannot see folder contents on the share, to avoid this create a mapped network drive pointing to your folder. And now, yes! you can access your files.

    But... (hope can help me to test), if you have video files on the router disk and you try to open it with Windows Media Player 11 you'll get a message saying that wmp cannot find the specified file. You can open it with other apps but no with wmp11, this is a problem to me because I have all my video files on the external hard drive and my wmp11 library points to it.

    Hope this is useful and hope u or someone can help me with the wmp11 issue.

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