WRTSL54GS w/ 2+ USB Printers?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by zerosc, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. zerosc

    zerosc LI Guru Member

    Has anyone successfully connected two or more USB printers to the WRTSL54GS? Since the firmware (Thibor17rc3) only supports raw printing capability, I figured assigning two printers to the same TCP/IP port isn't going to work (and so far hasn't), but I just wanted to ask in case someone has figured out a way to work around this.
  2. Turbe

    Turbe LI Guru Member

    Only 1.. why don't you setup WDS with two SL's and use one printer on each?

    You could get the benefit of better wireless coverage with that setup...
  3. zerosc

    zerosc LI Guru Member

    It's not practical for my setup. I'm a home user, most of my comp (all 3 + xbox) are in one room using wired connections and one other computer in another room using wireless connection. No need for a second SL. Thanks for the input.
  4. gwheaton

    gwheaton Network Guru Member

    I had some what the same problem. I just got an inexpensive Network Print Server. Think I paid 35.00 for it. One printer on the SL and the second one on the network print server.
  5. GhaladReam

    GhaladReam Network Guru Member

    Or you could do what I did, I bought a good network capable HP printer for pretty cheap. Has a built-in RJ45 port.
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