Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by szfong, Mar 20, 2008.

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    Just signed up for Tmo and got this sucker for free w/ 2yr contract. I thought it would be similar to the wrp400, but the internals looks somewhat different. Anyway, it uses the "WildPass" ADM8668X chip for the system, and the ADM6996 for the switch.

    Definitely some cool stuff for the 8668 (a/b/g, usb2, etc)

    But, judging from what they have done to the wrp400, I wouldnt be surprised if it's locked out too.

    There is no source currently at Linksys. I've contacted Bryan Beals (at the opensource address) and he said he would "contact the appropriate teams to get this posted ASAP." That was ~2 weeks ago.

    Hope to have some hi res pics soon.
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    Hi all, I stumbled upon this forum while trying to gain some info on my WRTU54G-TM.

    I believe this is the link to the code:

    Any thought on how to get this box to connect wireless to my primary wireless router so that can use it for T-Mobile @Home service anywhere in my house?
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