1. ShoNuff

    ShoNuff Network Guru Member

    I have done a lot of research in to VPN setup (Net Gear's manuals were a big help.), but I am having the same problems whenever I try to establish a VPN connection with the router. It hangs so badly that a hard reset is required to make it operational again. Is this due to the router, which I am starting to believe has hardware and software problems, or am I doing something wrong causing it to lock up?

  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Use any of the following firmware versions:

    - 2.37.13
    - 2.38
    - 2.38.6

    If you're using 2.37.9 and below, those were the most bug infested...

  3. ShoNuff

    ShoNuff Network Guru Member

    I am using 2.38 right now, but have recently downloaded 2.38.6. This is the firmware that Linksys Tech Support said should correct many VPN issues. They said they would email me the firmware within 24 hours, but that was almost two weeks ago. Thanks for having it here. Has this latest beta firmware help anyone?

  4. ShoNuff

    ShoNuff Network Guru Member

    I just spent 50 minutes on the phone with a Linksys Tier 3 Tech Support person who remotely accessed my router. He set up a test account in the VPN client section. He tried to establish a connection using QuickVPN, however, all of his attempts failed. He is suppose to email a newer beta firmware to me. Well, this is proof enough for me that this router has some very definite issues. I hope the newer firmware will fix this. It is very disappointing to pay money for something that doesn't work.

  5. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Dudes :D

    AVOID LINKSYS TECH SUPPORT FOR ANSWERS REGARDING "VERIFYING NETWORK!" Nine out of ten of them have "never" used quickvpn and rely on notes or the same customer database files they refer you to for the answer

    If you are getting that message, make sure:

    1) you don't have a PPTP tunnel enabled
    2) you're not running XPSP2 firewall
    3) you don't have cell phone synchronizing software loaded on the computer
    4) you don't have an additional vpn client on the computer
    5) username/password matches what's on the router
    6) you don't have an additional NIC that is enabled (disable it if you're not using it)
    7) IPSEC services is turned on
    8) MTU is not set properly; try setting either the router or the computer to 1350 (or lower) for the MTU setting

    I use quickvpn "all the time" so I know I (and a few other folks) aren't the only one's in the world who can use it. Check out the quickvpn setup guide if you haven't already seen it... :thumb:

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