WRV200 and WAP200 as Repeater, doesn't work????

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by jom1970, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. jom1970

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    Ihave a WRV200 Wirelees router an I want to use a WAP200
    as a Wireless Repeater, but a I can't make it work.

    1. does the SSID need to be the samme??
    i know that the channel, and security settings need to be the same.

    2. Why can't the DHCP giv the NET adapptors new ip after the pc reboots?
    the are just keep seeking for an ip, nothing happens??

    3.can someone plaese tell me exactly how to do this??

    Is it at all possibel?? :confused:
  2. DCSolutions

    DCSolutions LI Guru Member

    Same problem

    I'm dealing with the exact same issue. I was told by Linksys a while back this would work without a problem, but it failed when trying to implement it yesterday. I called the Tech to Tech support line and the person I talked to said this can't be done between the WRV200 and WAP200, but only from WAP200 to WAP200. Then why have the option on the WAP200 where it recognized the MAC of the WRV200? I'm sure she was not 100% correct, but I have yet to find a resolution. I'll be calling Linksys again, but I also have to wonder why this isn't documented clearly somewhere on the Linksys web-site.
  3. DCSolutions

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    A lot has gone on since I last wrote about this. I ended up going up several levels, eventually sending configuration files to an engineer at Linksys. The end result was that a WAP200 is, indeed, able to be configured as a repeater for a WRV200. The downside of it is that the only way to get it working decently, with a decent area of coverage, is to use WEP or no encryption at all. The engineer was able to get it to work with WPA-Personal w/ TKIP, but not any form of WPA2 or using AES.

    While the engineer was able to do this, it still did not work for me. I ended up setting up the WAP200 as a separate access point with its own SSID. Not ideal, but it was an alright work-around for the small office it's in. Then, the WRV200 died, so I replaced it with another WRV200. After a few days, the users were no longer able to use FTP to update their website (hosted elsewhere). I struggled with this and went through support, with no luck at finding a resolution. I ended up finding a person in the linksysinfo.org forum who'd run into the same problem . . . OVER A YEAR EARLIER! The resolution is to turn on port triggering and point port 21 to port 21. Rediculous, right? It's especially rediculous when you consider Linksys has been aware of the issue since at least March of 2007, but have not resolved it. Plus, people were having a very hard time keeping a solid wireless connection to the WRV200.

    I guess this doesn't really matter anyway, since the WRV200 started needing to be power cycled daily a few weeks ago. I replaced it with a D-Link DIR655 and it's been working flawlessly for three weeks so far. I swore I'd never use D-Link again many years ago, but now I am and they're winning me over so far. I'll be replacing the WAP200 with a D-Link product next week. Users have been having problems holding a connection to the WAP200 over the past couple of months, and I'm not about to go another 10 rounds with Linksys support.

    My biggest issue with the whole ordeal is that I'd done my research before time to make sure everything would work together properly. Yet, when it all failed, I was told immediately by support that I was trying to do something that wasn't supported. It really angers me that I can call Linksys support and teach their employees about their products. Since the Cisco merger, the Linksys brand has been sinking rapidly. It's like Cisco took the best people from Linksys and replaced them with Cisco's worst. Other than their sales team (who are spectacular and very committed), there's very little I can say positively about Linksys at this time. This is sad, as we'd been loyal to Linksys for about a decade.
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