WRV200 & ATA Dropouts Daily...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tekmann, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Tekmann

    Tekmann Network Guru Member

    I have had these setup for a month or so using FirmWare:1.32.2 and upgraded to 1.33 to hopefully stabilise quirky problems not related to ATA sip problems.

    But now the ata (pap2) drops out after 1 or so days consisently, and restarting router then restarting ata usually gets it working...

    Have 5060-5061, 16384-16482 forwarded to local ata address ( and under firmware 1.33 have sip gateway enabled... Also allocated 70% bandwidth not that the latter seems connected to the problem...????

    ATA is still alive as can ping ok, but fails to register to sip server... like port forwarding isn't working

    Would like to go to 1.34 but don't wan't to take on new problems others are complaining about...

    (Also using VPN client connection, and using static local addresses via mac lockdowns, so need these to work reliably 2)

    Any help much appreciated.
  2. juergenjagst

    juergenjagst LI Guru Member

    ...I'm using WRV200/1.32.2 and the same configuration...can confirm drop outs...restarting WRV200 solves the problem...
    no idea until now. Additionally we have one power-up every morning and a shut down in the evening. Anyhow once per
    day WRV200 starts to hang (=no communication on port1..4 & wireless), power cycle is the only solution. In all other
    cases communication works fine - DHCP via wireless (WPA-PSK/SKIP) is a little bit slow in granting an IP-address from
    the IP-pool, but thats okay for me...

    Best regrads

  3. Tekmann

    Tekmann Network Guru Member

    WRV Still Broken... :-(((

    Morning All

    Has the Administrator or moderators experienced this problem or have it addressed for fixing please...

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