WRV200 first Mod (Antenna Boost) check this out.! :rockon:

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by BiOs2k, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. BiOs2k

    BiOs2k LI Guru Member

    Hi Every one!!
    When I bought The WRV200 I was thinking to upgrade the OEM antenna with a 7 or 9 dbi antenna

    I was very desapointed when I first saw the router. FIXED ANTENNA. damn!! why linksys did that.
    and Another thing that piss me off is the configuration setup pages that suck.

    So I decide to scrap my Warranty and start Modding my router.
    I've ordered 2 SMA pigtail connector and I've welded to the main board.
    for the test I've took of the 2 antenna from my other USR router and put it on my WRV200.
    Guest what, I got nice result.
    the bad thing is I don't have a PCI Wireless card(to get a software result), So I based my test with my DSM-320 MediaLounge wireless player. wich is located in my basement.

    With omni antenna, signal will depend on how you place antenna.

    Test #1 antenna straith up with original antenna = 56% Signal
    Test #2 antenna Straith up with Additional Antenna = 72% Signal

    Test #3 antenna folded with original antenna = 68% Signal
    Test #4 antenna folded with Additional Antenna = 78% Signal

    the funny thing is that my USR router is in the basement at about 20feet of the medialounge and I get a 70%-74% signal.
    that mean WRV200 have probably a better outpout signal.

    Next thing, Im waiting a Firmware Update from Linksys to correct all Bugs in the OS.

    Here is the picture of my Mod, Look like a freak router :D

    If someone need SMA Pigtails I can sell for 10$

    Does Anyone know a good software that can give you result in DBI of the signal ????
  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Re: WRV200 first Mod (Antenna Boost) check this out.! :rocko

    I think Netstumbler does that but you would need to run it from a wireless client.

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