WRV200, sending it back

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by rkhatibi, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. rkhatibi

    rkhatibi Guest

    I figured after the WRV54G nothing could be worse and Mr. Murphy just had to prove me wrong.

    Things that didn't work

    1. Long TCP connections killed randomly. This appears to be related to other reports that connection tracking isn't working or not expiring connections correctly. Lots of dropped SSH sessions regardless of keepalives being set. IM pretty much refused to work after six hours of the router being up or having more than four people in the office. IMAP connections routinely timing out during the day.

    2. Restarts to configure everything. Most annoying on the port forwarding page.

    3. When I updated from .8 to .12 Mac laptops could no longer connect wirelessly using WEP 128 or WEP 64.

    4. Twice it refused to get an IP address via DHCP from the cable modem and oddly this happened both times on a Monday morning. Several reboots and resets failed to make the problem go away. This was pretty much the last straw.

    5. Random loss of the admin password.

    Things that did work

    1. QoS. Originally why I tried one out. No VOIP calls were dropped while we had the WRV 200.

    2. Stronger signal. The WRV200 did cover the office much better than WRV54G.

    At this point I gave up and am in the process of sending it back. Never got around to testing VPN or anything else that didn't work quite right with the WRV54G. I'm also considering a quick trip to San Jose to kick a few firmware engineers and QA types at Cisco/Linksys somewhere unpleasant.

    It might get better as new firmware is released, but I'd wait at least 6 months before attempting it again.

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Anyone else having these same problems before we send out a linching mod to Cisco HQ? :grin:
  3. Zero1

    Zero1 LI Guru Member

    Oh man, I've been furious with my IM connection, and I didn't even realize the problem was on my end! lol...

    So yeah, 1, 2, and 5, for me.
  4. RamHawk

    RamHawk LI Guru Member

    Quirky Router

    Love the features of the WRV200 but man does it have some serious problems. Linksys needs to immediately fix some major security issues.

    1. Randomly makes the admin password to BLANK! Hello!!! MAJOR problem here, don't ya think?!?

    2. Looses settings. I have made it a habit to go into the router admin pages and look at the setting. Low and behold they will change! They will go back to default settings or be blanked out!!! Gee, this is just about as bad as the first problem. This happens when you perform a hard reboot (pull power plug) and sometimes when you press the Save Changes button.

    3. Port Forwarding is WAY too limited. This is supposed to be a buiness class router. If so, why they only give you 5 static routes and 5 custom routes? The top 5 are useless to me since I have my FTP on a non-standard port and the rest I don't have in use at the moment. So, that leaves me the 5 custom slots. I end up opening way more ports that I need to so I can capture the range of ports I need to use.

    4. You have to reboot the server at every page change! Stupid scenario. Other Linksys models allow you to make all your changes and THEN reboot the router to make them take affect. This is especially annoying upon initial setup or when your settings are list (see #2) which is all the time.

    5. I don't really see the improvement when I choose the Port-Based QOS. If I am originating the call and start a fast download, my call is choppy. QOS is supposed to automatically keep the selected port at a higher priority. It doesn't seem to work.

    If I have a network or internet access issue, first thing I do it look at the damn router b/c I know it has botched up AGAIN. Don't get me wrong, I love the features and settings that it offers. But just like the original poster, I haven't had a chance to get to the VPN stuff b/c I'm too involved with trying to get it to keep the freakin' settings! I sure hope Linksys Tech/Customer service is reading this.

    Nashville, TN
  5. PTzero

    PTzero LI Guru Member

    I've sent mine back also. The router is as unstable as a tower of jello. I've experienced #1, 2 and 5 on the list of problems. The router also crumbles under the pressure of BitTorrent downloads. I'm going back to my trusty Cisco PIX501 and AP1200 combo.
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  7. eric_stewart

    eric_stewart Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Re: Quirky Router

    ...and hang on to it until the problems are addressed? At its price point this might be a good alternative to going through the hassle of returning it.

  8. svg1

    svg1 Network Guru Member

    Re: Quirky Router

    Problems are addressed ? ROFL .. Linksys didnt address the issues with the wrv54g & that was $150 .

    Took 5 firmware releases just to fix the syslog vulnerablity with the wrv54g .

    As long as consumers keep the its only $70 mentality they have no reason to fix what they feel is not broken .

    Marketing the wrv as a buisness class router is like shining a turd & attmpting to sell it as a snickers bar.
  9. eric_stewart

    eric_stewart Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Re: Quirky Router

    Feel better now? Take a long, deep, breath. Think of something nice.....now hold that thought.

    We have a responsibility to tell them that their products aren't always shining examples (ie: polished turds) of how things are supposed to be. I like Toxic's suggestion of, at a minimum, doing the live chat thing and sending an email.

    I'm going to hang on to it because it's so darn fun to play with. Am I going to put into a production environment...even my home? Not likely. Check my other posts in other threads. I don't think this thing is ready for primetime and it annoys the heck out of me that I am effectively a beta tester. But unless I (and others) am the angry, annoying bug that's buzzing in their ear, nothing will get done.

  10. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry to make sound off on this, but it is needed to be said. I am not giving off in just the WRV users, this is meant for all linksys users.

    my aim to to get customers with problems to take action with linksys, so that linksys listens and fixes customers problems.

    I could have setup this website with only one page saying:


    and then we wouldn't have any forums to talk about the problems with your unit.

    But... this site was setup to try and address problems that users have, and to try and fix them. if we cannot do that here, and enough problems are shown on a particular unit, then the owner has a morale duty to report to linksys what the problem is. if he gets no response from linksys we (JDepew and I) try to raise the issue with our contacts.

    I know people in general, wont get off their arses to do anything helpful, but I try to do what I can, and if i can get some help to the users, from linksys, then I feel its worth doing.

    Unless specific problems however are documented and confirmed by a number of users, we cannot, report a fault to linksys developement teams.

    We all know that saying "this is crap fix it", will do absolutely nothing for us in getting a fix for any problems that have occured.

    I will use one example. Selective Acks in the RV units were being blocked. I reported this problem to linksys in the EU and US. i got a response after about a week, and they have fixed the issue, along with tons of other things, however ALL the RV firmwares are in alpha stage at present, features added and bugs being fixed. it is not ready for public consumption and has not yet been beta tested.

    Time is something we all dont have, we want fixes now, but fixes take time. patience is a virtue, and perhaps we should all learn to have some patience.
  11. svg1

    svg1 Network Guru Member

    Re: Quirky Router


    Been there done that.

    Thats the problem , selling products that you need to flash with beta firmware in hopes of getting decent performace , then when you brick said device with their beta firmware , no more warrantee .

    Im under no impression that all of thier products are turds , in fact i own many linksys products im quite happy with .

    If you prefer to wait for a future firmware upgrade to fix some of the issues , thats great & your right .

    When i hear claims the wrv is better than garlic bread when in fact it has serious issue that to me isnt helping anyone.

    Next time you install a wrv200 for a buisness & they have problems just tell them to take a deep breath think of happy thought & forget about the lost revenue . :grin:

    Surely a firmware upgrade will help & besides its only $70.

    The only thing big companies understand is $$$ , if they recieved a truckload of returned wrv's i think they would get the message.

    Again im in no way saying return all linksys products cause their junk , i am saying the wrv isnt ready to be sold as a buisness series product , the very market they are targeting .
  12. YeOldeStonecat

    YeOldeStonecat Network Guru Member

    Re: Quirky Router

    That was the thing that turned me off of it. I remember reading and seeing the promo's of it before it hit the supply chains..from the VAR newletters 'n stuff. Looked good. But when it hit the shelves, and I ordered a couple of them the first week it was out..and saw the wholesale price I was paying for it...I immediately had some caution about it. (the first thread about this product..when DocLarge said he ordered his and was waiting..I jumped in and said mine arrived).

    Simply put..nothing under 100 bucks is a business grade product, unless you're talking about a surge protection strip or a length of CAT cable. The features of this unit..I figured it in the RV0 price range..starting over 200 bucks. That's my focus of business..SMB..Small Medium Business. I sell/install several RV0 units and SRW switches a month...and love 'em. But for the time being...when a client needs wireless, I use an RV082 or 016 at the head...and sling a WAP54gx4 or several from it.
  13. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Agreed the price gives it away that it's not a business class product :unsure: I still plan to get one though when they finally hit UK shores :roll:
  14. fowen

    fowen Network Guru Member

    I purchased one of these and even through the reboots when changing settings got annoying, I was fairly happy with the product. I had better luck when downloading torrents on the WRV200 then I do with the WRT54G I replaced it with.

    My biggest problem (I plan on contacting tech support on Monday, maybe Wednesday) is after I setup the IPSec VPN tunnel it now randomly reboots, sometimes as often as 30 seconds after the last reboot.
  15. csayers

    csayers LI Guru Member

    IPSEC VPN reboot

    fowen, As I posted earlier if you are using wireless and Ipsec VPN, the router will reboot spontaneously over and over. You can use wireless or Ipsec but not both at the same time.

    This is a confirmed behaviour.
  16. Yacurmana

    Yacurmana LI Guru Member

    I can't believe how unstable the wrv200 is.
    3 of 5 times that I touch the "save settings" button, the router looses the settings.
    If I navigate too much in the web interface, it suddenly stops responding (altough the router continues operational) The only way to recover the web interface is with the reset button or doing a power down/up, but most of the times that you do that, the wrv200 looses its configuration again.
    The # of forwarding lines limitations and reboots with any minor changue in the settings are very annoying, but I can live with that, but loosing the settings, the admin password and the web access to the router so frequently is very upsetting.

    Sorry my english, I hope that you can understand my msg. ;-)

  17. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Hopefully Linksys are working on an updated firmware which fixes all these issues :unsure:
  18. RichW

    RichW LI Guru Member

    Linksh*t Follies

    Yesterday I sent off a complaint to Better Business Bureau and if I get the time I'm going to file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency today. It's pretty plain they're marketing products that can't meet the advertised specifications; I read an article yesterday on Tom's Hardware Guide lambasting the WRV54G and it probably won't be to long before the crucify the WRV200.
  19. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    RichW good luck with that, but please watch your language on this site please.

    OK for the rest of you, just a quick news update....

    My source at linksys has told me today the RV042 v1.3.7.9 firmware is destined for Beta release next week. The WRV200 Beta firmware should be the week after.
  20. kspare

    kspare Computer Guy Staff Member Member

    Awesome! I look forward to finally using the wrv200 in production!
  21. HughR

    HughR LI Guru Member

    How did the WRV200 beta firmware release work out?
  22. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    its still in alpha at the moment. it is getting there. earlier alpha code was buggy hoever i have to say it is behaving itself the last few days, thoug they is a few problems in the firmware to iron out first.

    I would love to say it will be in beta soon but thats not upto me. it will be out soon.

    "when it is ready" is as close as to the exact date :)

    once it is available as a beta, i will be able to put it in the downloads section. you can then try it out, though i know you'll still all be moaning :tongue:
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