WRV200 -Setting VPN tunnel between two locations?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by weirdgod, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. weirdgod

    weirdgod LI Guru Member


    i have been trying to set up a VPN tunnel between two locations, between two LANs... I am using two WRV200 with latest 1.0.23USbeta firmware. Routers are set up and working (LAN devices have access to internet), but i have problems setting up the VPN tunnel between locations.

    One LAN has address space other one has, but dhcp addresses for LANS have mask of /24 ....

    I set up the tunnel from the VPN / IPsec VPN menu, and i used mostly defaults, but entered remote IPs for Remote Secure Gateway, and local and remote secure groups are set as subnets with and ... I used the same pre shared key on both sides, and i have enabled PFS, dead deer, anti replay...

    When i go to the VPN / VPN Summary, i see the tunnel as C - connected... but the problem arises when i go to the diagnostics and try to ping the ip on the other side... timeouts....

    So... what am i doing wrong? (i can post screenshots of configuration if this would help).

    I was looking at the routing table... i am missing a rule that would route all traffic for the remote LAN to new interface - tunnelA ... but since this is not a n option from dropdown menu (only internet and LAN), it must be something else... Should in Setup / advanced routing i change the mode from gateway to router? I tried this, but then even access for local LAN to internet stopped working...

    So, what I am basically try to set up is two locations with access to internet, and tunnel between them - that would allow all traffic for the other side of the LAN to pass thru.

    thanks for help in advance :)
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    For your basic data across the tunnel you are done and from what i can tell working correctly. The unforntuate side is when you are troubleshooting you will need a host on the inside of both networks as you will not beable to ping from or directly to the inside IP of the vpn endpoint. And when you try and ping from the router diag page the wrv itself is attempting to ping the other side from its outside ip as you have noticed since nothing gets installed in the routing table for it to reference. Simply move to one of your inside hosts and ping across to an inside host on the other end, (ones you have allowed icmp to and from of course) and you should be good to go.
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