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  1. charlien

    charlien LI Guru Member

    I have a WRV200 router on a dynamic IP address that I want to create an IPSEC tunnel to from a RV-082 on a static IP address. In the setup of the RV-082 IPSEC tunnel I need to set up a "Remote Security Gateway Type". My choices are IP, dynamic IP + email address, or dynamic IP + FQDN. Since my WRV200 is on a dynamic IP I have to choose one of the later two choices. The WRV200 does not have an entry to set this. Can someone shed some light on how I do this. Thanks in advance.
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  2. MacJube

    MacJube Network Guru Member

    Charlie, I'm trying to get exactly the same configuration running, and I cannot. I have a pair of RV082s, one static and one dynamic IP. I replaced the dynamic one with a WRV200, and there's no way that it will come up. However, if I configure a static-to-static-IP tunnel (hard-coding the WRV200's current dynamic IP into the RV082) the tunnel comes up immediately.

    I've just spent four hours with Linksys support, and they tell me that the WRV200 does not have any local gateway parameters -- it supposedly configures itself for Dynamic IP + FQDN based on the fact that it has a non-static WAN IP address (PPPoE/DSL or DHCP/cable) and extracts the fully-qualified domain name from the Setup>DDNS page.

    After four hours, the WRV200-to-RV082 tunnel will still not come up, and the case has been escalated to engineering. I find myself wondering if this configuration has ever been tested and whether it's possible or not.
  3. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    I dont know what kind of isp connection either of you have but i have cable modems everywhere. So i cant speak for dsl connections, but in my palying i have determined that setting up the connection to identify ip only works the best. I am fortunate that my dynamic ip's dont change very often. But if you set the wrv to identify via ip only and configure your tunnel accordingly, you should have no issue until your ip changes.
  4. MacJube

    MacJube Network Guru Member

    Thanks, but I have DSL everywhere, and the IP addresses change frequently (often every night, between 3 AM and 4 AM). I've found the same thing that you have, that configuring both ends for "IP Only" works perfectly -- until the IP address changes on one of the dynamic-IP routers. I really have to get tunnels with dynamic IP endpoints working properly with the WRV200. The RV082 handles this perfectly; you just specify DynIP+FQDN for the dynamic endpoint.
  5. mtboxtech

    mtboxtech Guest

    I am having the same trouble with a WRV200 and RV042. I have called numerous times but have not gotten anywhere. being a reseller i have also talked tech to tech and have gotten no where.
  6. charlien

    charlien LI Guru Member

    This may be a clue. If we can figure out the FQDN that the router uses. I don't think the info is in the DDNS page but I remember the ability to give the router a host and domain name. Time to experiment.

  7. vpnuser

    vpnuser LI Guru Member

    You can get a domain name for your router from a DDNS service provider and put the domain name in the DDNS page of the Web Admin interface.
  8. pacolux86

    pacolux86 LI Guru Member

    I have a static Address with my main RV082. I have a domain name set up with DynDns Service. I can set up a custom DNS name for my dynamic customers and I use that domain name instead of an ip. With the Dynamic Routers they will disconnect change their IP with dyndns and my static router will keep doing a lookup until it gets the new address and then they reconnect. It has been flawless for the last 6 months.

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