WRV200 + Vista = Slow internet

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SuppleX, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. SuppleX

    SuppleX Guest

    Hi guys/girls,

    Ok this problem has been keeping me busy for the last weeks and i still can't seem to find out what the problem is.

    I've got a linksys wrv200(newest firmware) and a few pc's with Vista and XP.
    The problem i'm experiencing is that Vista and the linksys router doesn't seem to go along very well. Somehow when i connect a Vista pc to the router internet browsing is slow as a snail (and by snail i mean at least 30 secs to open a website). But when i connect a XP computer there is no problem whatsoever. The moment i pull out the router and connect the Vista pc directly to the wall-outlet (university network) the internet is working just fine.

    Connections tested are:
    Http and https: Both slow on connecting but as soon as i'm on i can download everything with a normal downloadspeed
    FTP: Same as http
    Ping: no problem and time in millisecs is the same with or without the router
    Counterstrike Source: No problem whatsoever! perfectly running without slow connection.

    I've tried several fixes i've found on the internet but all without luck.

    - Vista computer is slow on browsing the internet, but downloads are doing ok and seem to be unaffected by the router
    - Vista computer is connected by cable (also tried wireless, same problem)
    - Without the router Vista seems to be doing perfectly on internetting
    - XP computer connected to the routers is working perfectly
    - Tried different networkcards and routers but no difference.
    - IPv6 disabled, but no difference
    - TCP autotuning disabled, but no difference
    - QoS disabled on Vista computer and router, but no difference
    - Removed updates from Vista, no luck
    - New drivers for the networkcards, no difference
    - Driver rollback, still no luck
    - Vista in safe-mode doesn't make a difference either
    - Disabled firewall, windows defender
    - Dont have a virusscanner

    I'm kind of running out of options to try and i'm still stuck with the same problem.
    I'm hoping someone here knows the fix for this or maybe another option for me to try!
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    you have found the problem , its vista. but since you dont have any antivirus program perhaps you have a virus/trojan. ever thought of that? I would run a good antivirus package on your system first of all. then run a few spyware programs, just to confirm nothing is slowing down your system from spyware of virus/rojans.
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