WRV200 VPN (Site-to-Site and Quickvpn)

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by DocLarge, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    It's been posted that there's been some success connecting to the WRV200 with quickvpn. Has anyone been able to do wrv200-to-wrv200 tunnel yet? Eric_Stewart said he connected his Pix to a WRV200 in a site-to-site config.

    Anyone else had any luck?

  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Okay, I can also confirm I've been able to connect to the WRV200 using quickvpn using quickvpn version 1028. I wasn't able to map any drives but that may just be a firewall issue on the system I was trying to access. I did, however, notice I could get to my ftp server but "not" to my router's access page (hmm, did I enable that?) but that's a small factor right now... I'll post back on that.

  3. RichardD

    RichardD LI Guru Member

    I have been able to connect to the wrv200 using the quick vpn client. Only thing I can do though is ping the router on the local IP and am unable to access any other network resource. no luck on wrv-wrv
  4. bippy_b

    bippy_b Guest

    No Luck here

    I have not been able to get any kind of VPN connection to my WRV200. I am about to fork out some dough for a 3rd party solution I am so frustrated right now.

    Also this router seems highly unstable. I have had the http service on it go down. I have had it just stay off after power failures. I am about ready to move my WRT54GS with DDR-WRT back to being the gateway.

    I hope this isn't a sign of what LinkSys products are becoming. I have never had problems with lLinkSys Products until this router.
  5. djdconsulting

    djdconsulting LI Guru Member

    I too have recently purchased a WRV200 and upgraded the firmware to 1.0.12 (the latest per Linksys Website) I attempted to connect using QuickVPN (unsure of verison) and I was able to connect, however I could not connect to a computer.

    This could be in party due to my current DSL modem provided by Verizon.

    Has anyone had a problem such as this behind a DSL modem or know a way to configure the modem to accept the service?
  6. Nooter

    Nooter LI Guru Member

    Hey Gents.

    Same here, haven't been able to quick VPN it from one location, but a seond one gives me a connection but no network browsing. I also haven't been able to set up a site to site via a R082 to WRV200.

    Any luck?
  7. jvpappas

    jvpappas Guest

    NetBIOS on QuickVPN Connection

    Hey all,

    I have an RV016 and had a similar problem. Issue was that I could not have QuickVPN change the DNS entry to be my local DNS located behind the router. If I remember correctly, I could connect via IP address only.

    Is that the symptom that you are describing?
  8. sthoen

    sthoen Network Guru Member

    QuickVPN WRV54G & WRV200

    I am connecting to a 2.39.2 firmware WRV54G at a clients location using a Dell PC and an Asus based system using QuickVPN clients and

    My PC clients are located behind a 1.0.12 firmware WRV200 (the router at my location)

    I have been able to make everything connect once I played around with the MTU of the adapter that was making the connection. I have tried Linksys, Intel, RealTek, and Broadcom adapters with various version to no success until I adjusted the MTU settings - I tried several - in my case the best seems to be 1492.

    Without the adjusted MTU I could not connect - Verifiying Network would stay up for a long long time and eventually timeout with Gateway not responding.

    The WRV54G has had lots of configuration settings adjusted, but I have it set to have all the pass throughs enabled (IPSec, PPTP, L2TP) and tunnels turned off. I have a couple of ports forwarded. No triggers. Wireless Web Access and Remote Access enabled.

    Also, crazy - I have the latest Cisco VPN client installed for another client

    My HP Laptop, using a broadcom wireless connects fine to the WRV54G without MTU adjustments, but the LAN connection needed MTU touching. The HP has the Cisco client and Microsoft Virtual PC (network shims :) 2004 SP1 installed as well.

  9. RichW

    RichW LI Guru Member

    WRV200 -- Unstable Therefore Unuseable

    :eek: I'm sitting at my workstation which is tunneled to my remote network as I type this reply. Sounds great doesn't it? Well it's not, my laptop which is sitting next to me is getting the dreaded "remote gateway fails to respond" message after repeated attempts to connect. Same VPN client, same remote network, it connected earlier today with no problem but now it's dead in the water and probably won't connect again without much digging. I got other users reporting the same problem. They connect without fail a few times and then without apparent reason unable to connect again.

    I'm looking for another VPN solution.
  10. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    you do not have to spam and repeat yourself loads of times, we know you and others are disheartened by the WRV200. Please remember this site was setup not for you to bitch on. this site is not owned by linksys/cisco and therefore we the administrators want to help the community. mouthing off here will get you nowhere, and it is not helping anyone.
  11. kspare

    kspare Computer Guy Staff Member Member

    I've gottten a wrv200 working the way I want it. Which is simply to do a site to site vpn for 3 networks on one side to a customers network, internet sharing and wireless access point.

    I don't use client to site, in the event I need this I use a cisco pix or cisco 851w router.

    The problem for me is you have to pick either wireless access or the vpn but you can't have both.

    For now, the 5 units I have are sitting on the shelf collecting dust anticipating a proper firmware. I have nearly 30+ wrv54gs that I am looking to replace with the wrv200 for the use of multiple ssid's and the great wireless range.....

    All in all this unit will work great one you can run a vpn and use the wap at the same time.
  12. csayers

    csayers LI Guru Member

    site vpn to vpn

    Kspare, This is what I discovered also. Wireless or IPSEC VPN but not both.

    Actually, I have found the tunnel to be very stable once it is up I connect to a Zywall 35 at work and the tunnel seems to recoonect quickly when it drops. Certainly better that the BEFsx ever was.

    I am crossing my fingers that next firmware fixes Myriad of problems for this "business class router"
  13. kspare

    kspare Computer Guy Staff Member Member

    I agree, it does work great. It is actually a pretty good little box and I can easily start selling them instead of the wrv54g once it works. The wrv54g is perfectly stable for me at this point so i'm happy. I just like some of the features of the 200. IE. multiple ssids is great for doing wep and wpa-psk at the same time.
  14. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Thanks for making mention of that (either wireless access "without" vpn or wired access "with" VPN, but not both). Word is some Alpha firmware is around the corner. Should this prove to be the "hook-up" we hope it is, I may buy a few more of these to have on hand for future clients.

    Doc (a.k.a. Jay Johnson)
  15. SLGuy

    SLGuy Guest

    Bother, Said Pooh (IPSEC *or* Wireless, but not both)

    Linksys of course hasn't acknowledged this problem in the four conversations I've had with them. I have the WRV200 at home, going to a BEFVP41 at the office. I'm moving, and the idea with the WRV200 was to put the wireless inside the firewall (I used to run it off a single IP from my subnet, and then the condo and the office were VPNed with the aforementioned BEFVP41s from another IP).

    Worse yet, I've moved, so I no longer have a subnet at my home end.

    My inclination is to hang the BEFVP41 off the cable modem at home, and tunnel to the office, then hang a switch off the BEFVP, plugging the WRV200 in to that, and calling it good, at least until the new firmware comes around. Anyone got any reasons why that wouldn't work? I assume I can set up the WRV200 to act as an AP without too much grief.

  16. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Until we get a beta firmware i am afraid the WRV200 is pretty useless as an alround solution. DocLarge has shown that certain features can be used, but DHCP enabled seems to break most of them.
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