WRV200 vs. WRV54G ????

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by dddbbbdb, May 29, 2007.

  1. dddbbbdb

    dddbbbdb LI Guru Member


    I am looking at setting up a home VPN solution and see Linksys has what I can see as two units that would do the trick.

    I can not figure out though what the differences are between the WR$V200 and WREV54G... Anyone able to help me out here...?

    Finally, does anyone have a recommendation on which is better...?

  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    The 200 is newer and gives you the ability to have 2 seperate ssids at the same time, also offers vlans. Its hads its issues in the beginning but with a few firmware updates has come along ways.
  3. dddbbbdb

    dddbbbdb LI Guru Member

    Need Static IP...?


    With the WRV200... Do you need a static IP address to setup the VPN portion...? Will a dynamic DNS service work in place of a static IP...?

  4. Baro

    Baro LI Guru Member

    This model supports dynamic DNS services.
    I have two WRV200s with dynamic IP adresses connected via a VPN tunnell.

    I had many issues at the begining, but with the latest firmware, it is almot OK.
    The biggest problem was lack of documentation.
  5. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    The WRV54G "does not support the following (but the WRV200 does):

    1) NAT, AES, GRE
    3) Simultaneous use of Qvpn "and" IPSEC vpn tunnels
    4) WDS
    5) Port Redistribution (I'll reverify this by setting my Wrv54g up)
    6) Wireless SSIDs

    There are a few more things that don't come to mind right now, but I'll post if I think of them. As far as price, the wrv54g is still roughly $135 as a minimum whereas the wrv200 can be purchased for around $75 as a minimum.

    FACT: The wrv54g is a sleeping giant that was never fully exploited. It has twice the memory of the wrv200 and an intel processor. Unfortunately, there was never any third party firmware created for it and it's pretty much considered "end of life" now. Truth be told, once the fumbling around was done with this router (2yrs after its release date) it was/is SOLID!! I always used firmware 2.37.13 with it because it retains alot of settings 2.39.x and all others starting from 2.38.x don't have.

    Myself and a user named Tvos were the first folks to provide documentation on how to connect to the wrv54g with quickpn (via our Quickvpn setup guide, now 2yrs old and in need of revamping for obvious reasons :) ) Although there was a lot o bitchin' back then, once you connected with quickvpn to the wrv54g, it ran great! Even the vpn tunnels gave great throughput. As mentioned above, the major downer was that you could run quickvpn "or" vpn tunnels, "not" both.

    Still, based on "most performance for your money, go with the wrv200.

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