WRV200 with QuickVPN. Long-term experiences/stability.

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by randydodd, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. randydodd

    randydodd LI Guru Member

    well, it has been weeks now that I set up a WRV200 with QuickVPN.

    To be sure, it took a lot of effort to make all the necessary "adjustments" to get it all working and happy.

    And when it works, it works well.

    ANd now for a brief synopsis of my current experiences since setting up and using this.

    I find that once the system is configured and running, that multiple people can connect using QuickVPN on various PC platforms, networks, and configurations. Each time, the QuickVPN connects quickly and cleanly.

    THen, once connected, we use "network places" to access shared folders on the remote network. Generally, we define these using the "add network place" wizard. and use a fixed IP address.
    WOrks fine. and Once defined, it stays in place for easy access later by the same user.

    So the process is generally: Start QUickVPN, Login/connect, then open the Network Place.

    BUt for some reason, after several days, it is no longer possible to access those Network Places. (QUICKVPN connects fine.)

    A ping shows that the remote router LAN address is pingable. But when trying to Ping Shared Resource PC's, 2 out of 4 pings fail.
    (SO a std ping will ping 4 times, and then show only 2 successful.)

    Generally, a reboot of just the router does not appear to solve the problem always. Nor a reboot of a single PC that cannot be pinged. I find that a reboot of the router and all remote devices (pc, etc), clears up the problem.

    ALso, i have the router set to Remote access. ANd when first booted, remote works ok. But once again, after a few days, remote no longer works at all till reboot.

    So far, our solution is to reboot all when problems crop up. Fixes it nicely.

    Long-term, it would be great to see some stability.

    Others have any longer-term experiences with the WRV200 just running and running for weeks?
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