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  1. anpu

    anpu LI Guru Member


    i'm new here and i'm new with linksys products! i bought wrv200 a few days ago and it's working just nice! but there is a problem when i take my laptop outside to my backyard and the connection is lost! they say that this wireless router has a rangebooster inside! but the connection is lost and the backyard is not so far away from the router!

    so i surfed around the internet and i found an article about boostin up the wirelees router by software!

    so my quastion: is there any possibility that i can boost up the range on my route???

    tnx for the help i really apriciate it!

    sorry for language mistakes :D
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    One of our resident firmware experts is working on this as we speak. He's going through the source code at the moment to see how many enhancements he can add, and boosting the range is one of them.

    Stay tuned...

  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    please be patient though, this is a new project that is yet untested. and maybe some time off in the making.
  4. anpu

    anpu LI Guru Member

    thank you for these replays and as i can see you are werry good at this!

    and here is another quastion!

    when i want to upgrade with new firmware from the official site or from here i sign on to router and do everything as the instuction says!

    but when i click the upgrade button in a few second (1-2) the internet explorer show the site: The page cannot be desplayed!

    so maybe you guys know what is the problem whit my router!

    i'm always signed on the router as admin so i don't know where is the problem!!

    i hope you will help me and i am greatfull for these replays from all of you!!

  5. anpu

    anpu LI Guru Member

    i hope you will notice me by e-mail or here when the software or firmware will be finished!

    :thumbup: :biggrin:
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