WRV210: Clients with no internet connection: FIOS

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by dskny, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. dskny

    dskny Guest

    So I picked up a WRV210 and stuck it behind my Fios Actiontec. Looks like this:

    Actiontec WAN: DHCP out to internet
    Actiontec LAN:

    WRV210: WAN:
    WRV210: LAN:

    1) There is a Static Route to going through on the Actiontec
    2) WRV210 WAN port is connected to Actiontec LAN port

    Clients attached to Actiontec go out to the internet and get to clients on 192.168.30.x just fine.

    ISSUE: Clients on the the WRV210 can see the devices just fine, however can not get out to the internet.

    I'm assuming the issue would have to be with the Actiontec considering it's the gateway.

    Your thoughts and ideas would be much appreciated.

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