wrv54g advice?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by badteddy, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. badteddy

    badteddy Network Guru Member

    ok here's the situation:

    i have a linksys wrv54g router.

    my own PC (win xp sp2) is connected to the router directly. now i notice sometimes when i leave the computer for maybe 3 hours or more, the connection from my pc to the internet is inaccessable. nothing shows up on my pc that my connection has been lost from windows. BUT when i open up a browser or try to connect to AIM it can not connect. EVERY other pc in the house can connect except mine. the only solution i found is to either go into network connections and disable, then re-enable the network connection (keeping in mind i have to be patient for it to refresh OR i have to keep on trying), OR i have to restart my pc. and as soon as i log back into my pc the internet works fine.

    another issue is every other few days or so my router looses connection from the modem. the modem is fine. but the router refuses to re-connect properly. so every time i have to do a power cycle. shutting off modem for 10 seconds, then as soon as it reconnects to the internet i shut off the router, and let it reconnect.

    i know its not the modem's fault. in my computer's case, i know its not the router's fault. but i know its the router's fault when loosing connection after for so long...?

    after the router went down one time i tested the modem and connected directly to my pc, worked fine..

    i have just upgraded the firmware for the router. so i hope that makes a difference. any advice to what i need to do is greatly appreciated!
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    is the lan port on you PC shutting down because you have left it alone for some time?

    try checking the power savings setting on the lan controller in device manager, advanced settings.
  3. badteddy

    badteddy Network Guru Member

    i tried it b4.. i'll do it again.. we'll see how this goes. thanks!
  4. badteddy

    badteddy Network Guru Member

    bump?? no other advice?
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