WRV54G brings down ADSL2+ speed ?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by martyzzz, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. martyzzz

    martyzzz Network Guru Member

    Hi Ya'll,

    Got another question... Are there speedsettings on my wrv54g ?

    Here's the thing, when i hook up my adsl+ 10Mbit connection (copperjetmodem) straight to my pc i get a speed of 1124 KByte/sec when the wrv54g router is between it i get 954 KByte/sec, i tested both over 20 times...

    i dont even use wireless yet just 1 mtr (3feet) UTP cable for the connection, how is this possible that i lose 170 KByte/sec


  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Well the more things you put in the loop the slower it will be although that does sound like quite a big difference :unsure:
  3. martyzzz

    martyzzz Network Guru Member

    when im leeching from my newsserver the speed goes sometimes a bit over 1000 but thats it...

    anybody else tested this ?

    cheers !
  4. maxima2k

    maxima2k Network Guru Member

    I am running into the same problems. But my actual results are more dramatic. The advertised bandwidth from the cable company is 5 MBPS. I connect my laptop to the cable modem, I get pretty close to the advertised speeds, on a consistent basis. I connect the WRV54G plug the laptop to it. On average I get about 1.2 MBPS. Somes there will be a spike of 4 MBPS, but that is only on an occassional basis. I have been looking all over the place with other people's experience with this. There are other owners that are experiencing the same thing. I am trying to find out all the information I can to try to fix this before I ditch my WRV54G. But in my quest for more information, I am finding out that this is a common problem.
  5. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

  6. maxima2k

    maxima2k Network Guru Member

    I do not believe the problem is at the PC. I believe the problem is at the WRV54G.
  7. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Do you have anything to loose from running it anyway :???:
  8. martyzzz

    martyzzz Network Guru Member

    dont know what fixed it but i upgraded the firmware of the router to 2.38.6 (from linksys.org).
    I also ditched all the WZC (windows Wireless Zero Configuration util) that manages the wireless stuff. Instead i use the newest utils from the manufacturers of my wireless cards and the probs went away.

    I guess it wasnt my router but the wireless setting on the clients,
    here's a screenshot of newsleecher last night i was downloading at 1071.6 KByte/sec (=8573 kbps) contanntly through wireless ;-)

    i cant attach the pic but here's a link to another forum where u can see another pic of newsleecher :

  9. maxima2k

    maxima2k Network Guru Member

    True the worst that it can do is make things worst. But I have a hard time figuring out how the information translates into settings on DrTCP. But then again when I hook up my PC to the cable modem, I consistently get 4+ MBPS speeds. To me I do not have a problem with the PC. The root of the problem is at the WRV54G. Maybe this is a characteristic of all routers I do not know.
  10. maxima2k

    maxima2k Network Guru Member

    I see that this firmware is available on www.linksysinfo.org as well. But I have some hesistancy on installing this version. I am wondering if there are there guides to help me if the installation of the firmware does not work correctly and the router stops working? Are there techniques to let me re-load the firmware or an older version?
  11. hurleyp

    hurleyp Network Guru Member

    Make sure that you do not have *any* outbound access restrictions set in your WRV54G. Even one will have a dramatic negative impact on your throughput.
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