WRV54G cable modem DHCP problem

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by stoic-one, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. stoic-one

    stoic-one Network Guru Member

    Hello people, new to the forum and thought I would ask a question/post a problem.

    Just to be clear on the configuration:
    1. Comcast cable service.
    2. RCA DCM245 cable modem
    3. WRV54G router
    a. HW rev.02
    b. FW 2.31 through 2.38

    With the router setup for DHCP as required by the cable service, whenever I make a configuration change (which requires the router to restart), or cycle power to the router, it fails to reconnect to the cable modem. On the Status>System performance page, everything shows up normal, and all my clients can talk to each other. They just can’t get out through the WAN port to any Internet sites. The router has a valid IP address, and the DNS information is valid as well. I can go to the Status>Router admin page, and renew the IP address, which by the way doesn't change when renewed, and shazam, I'm back out through the WAN port.
    I know this is not a major bug, but it is a bug just the same. I tried a WRT54G in place of the WRV, and it does NOT exhibit this problem. I can cycle power to the WRT, and it comes right back up running. The WRV does not; I have to renew the IP manually in the status page to get back out on the Internet.
    As a side note, when I use the WRV at another location, which uses DSL, and PPPOE, the WRV performs fine. This appears to only be an issue in the aforementioned DHCP/cable modem configuration.
    I wont bother telling you what Linksys tech support said, someone may have a heart attack from laughing that hard……

    Anyone else experiencing this problem, or have any ideas??
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    What is the current firmware you're using now? I'd say start out with 2.37.13. If you don't have it, PM me an email address and I'll send it to you.

    What I learned with a cable modem is "everytime" you make a change on the router, you need to unplug power to the modem for 15 secs then plug it back on. To be even safer, after you make a change, turn off the router "and" unplug the modem. Then plug the modem in first, followed by the router.

    I've been over in England using ADSL for the past four months (you don't have to do all of that shit over here) but when I was installing my father's WRV54G before flying back over here the other day, I forgot to do that (unplug everything and plug back in) and *heh* ended up calling Charter Cable tech support because the damn thing wouldn't pull a friggin WAN IP address. They reminded me about "unplug" and "plug." Heh, every connection has its personality...

  3. stoic-one

    stoic-one Network Guru Member

    FW/SW 2.38

    I've done all the iterations for cycling power on the various devices though.....

    It is really quite straight forward, if the router restarts or loses power, I have to manualy renew the WAN IP. It is on a UPS so I'm not worried about power. As I stated, I've already swapped out for a WRT which doesn't have this problem, just so it can run stand-alone and unattended.....
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