WRV54G, can't get VPN to work.

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by embsupafly, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. embsupafly

    embsupafly LI Guru Member

    Hi, We are trying to get a few employees to have access to the network from home. The network setup at the office is:

    Cisco 678 Modem, with an ip address of

    Behind the modem, is a Linksys WRV54G with an IP address of and all of the pc's on the network share the same subnet of 192.168.2.x

    I have went in to the setup page for the WRV54G and setup a vpn user, I have Ipsec, PPTP set to enable and L2TP set to disable under the VPN security page. I also upgraded the firmware as recommended by those here on the forums.

    The problem is that we can not get QuickVPN to connect at all. We get the message "Failed to establish connection" and it goes on to give us 4 reasons as to what could be the problem.

    I also set up remote management on port 8080 to get to the router admin from home, but I can't connect to it either, so I am wondering if there is a problem with the network setup itself (maybe with the Cisco 678 modem). The internale network works just fine at the office.

    Can anyone help?

    Also is there a way for me to test the vpn from within the office location so when I make changes to solve the problem, I don't have to run home to test it? Will it allow me to go out of the network and come back in with a VPN connection?


  2. embsupafly

    embsupafly LI Guru Member

    Correction to first post

    Correction to first post:

    The Cisco 678 modem has an IP of The linksys WRV54G has an ip address of using the modem ( as its default gateway. Then the WRV54G has its local IP set to and all of its dhcp clients have an ip of

    Do I need to do something with the Cisco 678? Do I need to portforward or DMZ it to the Linksys WRV54G?
  3. DocLarge

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    The first thing that needs to be answered is if your CISCO is a "modem only" device or is it a modem/router combination? I'm asking this because if you're cisco is and your router is, that means that unless your connection PPPoE, you may have problems getting any functionality.

    If your cisco is a modem/router combination, then you're going to need to put it in "bridge mode." The issue with this is that the device that 's running behind the cisco will be forced to handle the network technology that everything is connected to. So, if your cisco us running over PPPoA (ATM) this means when you put it in bridge mode, your WRV54G will have to authenticate with PPPoA. The problem here is that the WRV54G "does not" do PPPoA; the choices or DHCP (ethernet), PPPoe (ethernet), and Static (ethernet) if I remember correctly.

    Your WRV is getting an ip address from your Cisco, so, you need to first determine if you're running over PPPoE or PPPoA...

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