WRV54G & Cisco VPN Client - any tips or Info?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by trips4me, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. trips4me

    trips4me Network Guru Member


    Setting up a small VPN for an 8 PC company so that I can VPN in and perform remote admin tasks from my home office. Also, in the future, they may want to add 1-2 smalll offices into the main network (down the road for now).

    Does anyone have any experience with setting up a VPN with a WRV54G in the office and using the Cisco VPN client software on the user end? I have already ordered the static IP for the office and I have Bellsouth DSL (DHCP) on my end.

    I went with the Cisco VPN client as Linksys recommended this (plus I thought I would get good tech support if I had problems since Cisco bought Linksys).

    Just trying to gain as much knowledge as I can before I perform the setup this coming weekend (out of town travel required).

    Also, I haven't chosen a remote admin tool yet. Any suggestions on what works good/fast over a VPN (besides PC Anywhere)?

  2. trips4me

    trips4me Network Guru Member

    Hi All,

    OK, so no info or advice using Cisco VPN. How about any other VPN client software and a WRV54G?

  3. JonAlthoff

    JonAlthoff Network Guru Member

    sorry guess I am the only one checking on these and not doing a good job of it. Read the previous posts. Using a Client with the WRV54G is a bad idea. Any client unless it is directly connected to the internet. No client seems to be able to connect possibly because of an issue with Nat Traversal. Hopefully one day a functional firmware will be available.
  4. ace11

    ace11 Network Guru Member

    since i already have the cisco client installed on my laptop for another vpn i would like to use this client as well for the wrv54g, any one else get this running or settings for the client and the router??
  5. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Trips and Acer,

    unless you and your remote users plan on sleeping next to the hotel's modem while on road trips, you might not want to use third party clients with the WRV54G as Jon mentioned.

    The WRV54G just doesn't accept packets from vpn clients operating behind another router. Your best (or only) choice right now is using the quickvpn client. See the "A Real Quickvpn Setup Guide" and "Reasons Quickvpn Won't Connect" sticky posts located at the top of the forum for some additional setup information should you choose to rely on quickvpn. If using quickvpn isn't going to work out for you, then you might want to consider the Linksys BEFVP41 as your endpoint vpn solution. Should you go this route, you could always use the greenbow vpn client as your client.

    Here's a link for the guide I threw together for setting up greenbow vpn with the WAG54G router (it's a vpn endpoint router that does support NAT-T):


    These settings will work on the WRV54G "but" you have to be directly connected to the internet (computer-->internet-->WRV54G).


  6. ace11

    ace11 Network Guru Member

    well i called compusa and they let me know that i had 21 days to return it if i could not get it working, this darn thing is just so iffy, i made a "network" so all that was between me and the wrv54g was a switch, and still could not get it to connect but one time (on the laptop that has the cisco vpn client installed no less).

    will hammer at this over the weekend, but i am getting discuraged that i can make this work reliably.
  7. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    the problem you're having is configuration, nothing more :)

    I use quickvpn "all of the time" without fail and the only thing I use is the guide I had posted, nothing more. Sure I have the occasional hiccup, but all vpn programs do. The hard part has already been figured out. If everybody else is getting connected, man, you just need to look at how you're configuring your settings.

    The WRV54G PPTP server and quickvpn server utilities work; you just have to know how to talk to them, and it's all about configuration...

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