wrv54G firmware upgrade and Questions

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Mounty, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Mounty

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    Hi All,

    I was going to upgrade the firmware on my wrv54g from 2.38 to 2.38.6. I've continued to have problems where the tunnel (site to site to another wrv54g), it keeps telling me that I'm connected, but I'm not! Any thoughts as to this problem and if this upgrade of the firmware will fix this. I've made sure that the key life time are the same on both sides of the tunnel.

    When upgrading, should I reset the router to factory settings before doing th upgrade?

    I also have it connecting to a BEFVP41 ver1, when I look into the log I see it connect then it seems to disconnect during the same second... see below;

    13:15:30 IKE[3] Rx << MM_I1 : SA
    13:15:30 IKE[3] Tx >> MM_R1 : SA
    13:15:30 IKE[3] ISAKMP SA CKI=[1a984f84 f433cf3a] CKR=[f515d6b1 493fcd1e]
    13:15:30 IKE[3] ISAKMP SA 3DES / SHA / PreShared / MODP_1024 / 3600 sec (*3600 sec)
    13:15:31 IKE[3] Rx << MM_I2 : KE, NONCE
    13:15:31 IKE[3] Tx >> MM_R2 : KE, NONCE
    13:15:31 IKE[3] Rx << MM_I3 : ID, HASH
    13:15:31 IKE[3] Tx >> MM_R3 : ID, HASH
    13:15:32 IKE[3] Rx << QM_I1 : HASH, SA, NONCE, KE, ID, ID
    13:15:32 IKE[3] Tx >> QM_R1 : HASH, SA, NONCE, KE, ID, ID
    13:15:32 IKE[3] Rx << QM_I2 : HASH
    13:15:32 IKE[3] ESP_SA 3DES / SHA / 3600 sec (*3600 sec) / SPI=[6e32a6ae:5ab4244c]
    13:15:32 IKE[3] Set up ESP tunnel with Success !
    [B]13:15:32 IKE[73] Rx << Delete ESP_SA : spi = 5ab42446
    13:15:32 IKE[73] Tx >> Delete ESP_SA : spi = f8cf2c24
    13:15:32 IKE[73] Rx << Delete ISAKMP_SA : cookie a3d9cf9b edc7a79c | f520a193 8146f100
    13:15:32 IKE[73] Tx >> Delete ISAKMP_SA : cookie a3d9cf9b edc7a79c | f520a193 8146f100 [/B]

    Therefore I really am at a loss on how to fix this... I the same BEFVP41 ver1 connecting to a BEFVP41 ver2 and it seems to work fine... the tunnel is always up, BEFVP41 ver1 connects with the wrv54G or the two wrv54G talk to each other, they loss the tunnel (but it states that it is up)...

    Thanks for any thoughts
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