WRV54G Firmware v2.38.6 BUG: WAN DHCP + Time Setting ... ?

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by JeremyZJ, Feb 17, 2006.

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    I haven't seen this posted anywhere yet, so I'll post ...

    The WRV54G v2.38.6 Firmware appears to have a bug that prevents Automatic Time Settings from being saved when a router is configured to receive a WAN IP address via DHCP.

    We have two WRV54G routers each running v2.38.6 in separate, neighboring States. One connects to a cable modem which provides a static IP address (via DHCP ... ISP always returns the same IP address, for an additional fee) and the other connects to a DSL modem and uses PPPOE w/ login and password and also receives a static IP address from its ISP.

    Both routers have a dedicated VPN tunnel between them that works fine. Also, each router can be QuickVPNed into from any third location while the dedicated tunnel is connected. (I have read some posts in this forum that QuickVPN won't work while a router has active, dedicated VPN tunnels. Our experience is that it works fine, with standard settings.)

    The router using PPPOE has the Time Setting | Time Zone set correctly and the Auto Daylight Savings enabled and configured for the proper dates.

    On the router using DHCP for its WAN address, clicking "Save Settings" after either changing the Time Zone, enabling the Auto Daylight Saving (and entering dates/times), or both causes the router reboot screen to appear. After re-logging in after an apparent reboot, the Time Setting is back to the defaults (Pacific Time Zone and Auto Daylight Savings disabled with dates/times cleared).

    I make these changes from home (third location) via remote management (SSL), and not while QuickVPNed into either router.

    One interesting note, and likely another bug, is that clicking the "Continue" button on the router reboot screen causes the browser to try to re-login to the router using the router's LAN ip address, not the WAN ip address that I used for remote management. It sits for a while and fails, and then I type in the correct address and it logs back in immediately.

    Anyone else notice this?
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