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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by DSoden, Aug 22, 2005.

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    I've been using the WRV54G with QuickVPN for some time now and much of the time, everything works great. The big problem that we still fight is the internet connection. I updated to the 2.38 firmware last week and everything was great but now when I came in this morning the internet trouble was back.

    What happens is IE will say "The page cannot be displayed". If I hit refresh on my lan connection on the PC, it will start working again. It might work for 30 seconds or it might work the rest of the day. It seems random. Note also that this happens with both DHCP machines and also with static IP machines. I hit "repair" on my static IP machine, it imediately responds with a message saying the repair operation is complete, and then the internet works again. The same thing happens on DHCP machines. It shows that I have a good IP address, then I hit repair, it goes through the DHCP process, comes back with the same IP as before, and then the internet works.

    As I said, this is the only big problem we are having with the router. Quickvpn works great with the exception that once in a while I cannot connect from home. I call and have someone cycle the power on the router and then it works fine. This doesn't happen too often and it hasn't happened with the new firmware yet.

    I'd would buy a different router in a second if I knew what to buy. All I need is a way to VPN into the office network from remote locations. I love the fact that QuickVPN is a very small, unobtrusive, piece of software that doesn't make me reconfigure my whole machine. I also need the ability to control which LAN machines can access the internet and which ones can't. This router is absolutely perfect if it would just work coinsitantly.

    The internet connection we have is a static IP radio broadband modem. We previously had a WRT54G before doing the VPN thing and never had any problems with that.
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