WRV54G - Linksys is Horrible!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by linksysbites, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. linksysbites

    linksysbites LI Guru Member

    Let me 1st start out by saying I would advise ANYONE and EVERYONE to avoid Linksys products! Do not buy unless you absolutly have to!

    Here is my reason(s) for that:

    Bought a WRV54G from newegg, after about 2 minutes of use the router 'fried' itself (using a surge protector, etc) it had internal issues. Retruned to newegg for replacement. 2nd router, major speed/connection issues. Hours on the phone with them, beta firmware, no way to fix it. Issued an RMA, and sent it back. They sent a replacement, now on #3, which had the exact same speed/connection issues, again, hours on the phone, and no fixes. They want me to return it yet again for another of the same, that my guess will not work. Here is the scary part, i asked if the next one does not work, or the one after that, what happens. They said I would have to keep exchanging them until one worked. They said they did not care if it took a week, a month, or a year! Can you believe that?! Makes me sick! The refuse to upgrade me to a working VPN unit or to give me any kind of a refund. I also have been waiting for them to call newegg to see if they can work something out with them for over 6 working days! I can get a hold of newegg without ever waiting more than a minute. Now they are saying it will take them 48 hours to issue a pre-paid shipping label to return this one. Their reps are the rudest people i have ever delt with in my life! I ask a queston and they will ignore it because they do not want to answer it and they will keep going with some speach, it is crazy.

    For anyone who wants to know the actual problem with the router. It takes a 10MB/sec connection and drops it to about 0.25MB/sec! I currently use an older b router with no issues, tossed on another g with no issues. Brought the WRV54G home and it still has the same issues there as well. You name it, we changed everything inside the router for settings and not one improvement!

    My hope is that at least 1 person will read this and avoid this router or the whole company in general. Regardless of the product, again, the customer support people are the rudest people i have ever delt with! I know most people dont like customer support people, but i actually have never had a problem with any customer service people, until linksys. Now i see why people can hate them! Best of luck to all and please avoid this model and company!
  2. binderz77

    binderz77 Network Guru Member

  3. linksysbites

    linksysbites LI Guru Member

    Oh yes! Manual and pretty much every number you could imagine in there as well, that part alone took over 30 minutes to go through changing them from low to high.

    Comcast is my ISP. I have other linksys routers i can toss on and run just fine, this one does not, and linksys does not want to seem to help.
  4. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Unfortunately Linksys support does leave much to be desired. The WRV54g has gotten mixed reviews overall, there as some that love it and some like yourself that hate it just for the simple fact it does not seem to work for them. I highly doubt you have gotten several bad ones in a row, if i had to bet i would say its an incompatibility between comcast and that particular model. Not that it makes your situation any better, i would get ahold of newegg and explain the situation to them, maybe they will take it back and exchange it for a different model. Wish i had a better answer, but you make my point as to why i dont use linksys, netgear, dlink or the like for my internet connection. True i own several linksys model, but those are to play with 3rd party software not for the stability of my network. Any consumer based company seems to have certain models that are just horrible. In my opinion you get what you pay for, granted some of the consumer products are not cheap but they are still consumer grade equipment. I learned the hard way a long time ago to stay away from consumer grade stuff for stability sake. Not to say some of these companies dont make great products, its just hit and miss. A quick point and i will be on my way, I had a checkpoint firewall die on me about 2 weeks ago now. Called checkpoint they tested a few things, apologized and overnighted me a replacement. Does it cost a little more yes, is it worth it (my opinion yes), are you ever going to see any consumer grade product company do that for a user, no. Goes back again to the old saying, "you get what you pay for". With that, good luck in getting that resolved.
  5. binderz77

    binderz77 Network Guru Member

    Could not agree with you more..I have Comcast as my ISP as well and "touchwood" I have been running WRV54G for over a year now. I have three systems, one web server and a SIP video UA running without any problems. However, I must mention that Linksys should do more testing with features and improve the quality of their customer support. Also, per my experience, WRV54G would be ranked the lowest in terms of performance and stability in the RV series of routers. RV016, RV082, RV042 are very dependable.
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