WRV54G Nightmare - Version 475

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by haaron, Apr 3, 2005.

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    Hello all. I use to have some hair before I was stupid enough to buy two LinkSys WRV54G Routers. I am not a computer expert by any means. We have an office in NC and an office in Mexico City. Alas, a VPN would be a good means of sharing some accounting files.

    Oh boy, 200 hours ago, I thought it might work. I have gone through the hops with LinkSys support - terrible, but another subject for another day.

    Bottom line, Tech Gurus were never able to establish a VPN between the two routers.

    I am at the Mexico site now, so I thought, well, lets just fall back to Windows XP PPTP VPN - simple again? Well, using a laptop dialing through AT&T I established a VPN once into the router. Once and only once.

    It has since gone south. Port 1723 is forwarded, firewall is down, and everything but sex is allowed through the firewall. The laptop tries to connect, and it gets as far as verifying user and password. Then it stops.

    The Mexico connection is a cable modem - yes, dynamic, but it is mapped externally to a static IP which I can see and can ping from anywhere.

    Being a novice, I jerked the cable modem connection out of the router and directly into the computer. Works like a champ - PPTP connection every time..... hence my conclusion - LynkSys is crap.

    Using Firmware 2.37.13. Any s :cry: uggestions would be appreciated. Also, would appreciate any hardware recommendations that would actually do what I need to do - a reliable connection from NC (static IP) to Mexico City. Preferably not LinkSys...

    Really appreciate any suggestions....
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