WRV54G or WRV200, how to choose ?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by elfif, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. elfif

    elfif Network Guru Member


    I have to install a new router for a french small business (15 users).
    I'm not sure to make the good choice.

    Here's the needs :
    A supplied adsl modem is working.
    Today they have a kerio firewall installed on an old NT server.

    I'd like to replace this old fashion routing station with a brand new linksys one...
    Two or three people will need wifi LAN connections, other are wired connections.
    Two people (managers) want to access their datas from outside of the office.
    The price has to be as hceap as possible (of course)

    I dont know what is the best choice. I've read so many post blaming wrv54g and other ones saying that wrv200 is not really "achieved", that I'm feeling lost...

    Please, could you give me some advice to choose one ?
    I'm personaly working with a WRT54G, and it is great. I'd like to continue working with linksys on this project !

    Thanks for your help. I hope there is enough information in my description ?
  2. kspare

    kspare Computer Guy Staff Member Member

    If you want client to site vpn, get a pix 501. I have one with a 50 user license I want to sell. PM me if you want more info.
  3. elfif

    elfif Network Guru Member

    Why not, but where do you live ?
    We are in France and need quiet quick the product...

    I thought wrv54g or wrv200 could answer to my needs ?
  4. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    If your happy using the Linksys QuickVPN client then the WRV54G will be fine, if you plan on using another VPN client then it would have to be the WRV200.
  5. netlinker

    netlinker LI Guru Member

    I would definitely go for the RV082 as a router and connect a WRT54GL (flashed with DD-WRT) for the wireless portion. The WRV54G has a long and troubled history. The WRV200 looks good on paper but the firmware is not yet quite ready for primetime. Two months down the road the picture may look different for the WRV200. Spare yourself the time of hours of support due to buggy firmware. It is not worth it! The RV082 is a very safe bet. Performance is excellent and it is very stable.
  6. elfif

    elfif Network Guru Member

    Thanks Netlinker,

    I was thinking about such a solution, a vpn dedicated router and another one for the wireless part. But, I didn't know what could be the best association.
    Your post is very usefull for me !

    But I think a RV042 is enough to answer my needs. Is it a good product, like the RV082 ?
    The combination RV042 + WRT54GL is perfect for my budget.
    I hope RV042 worth it, what do you think about it ?
  7. hd7544

    hd7544 Network Guru Member

    The RV042 is a good choice. I've had two of the running very reliably for over a year now. The VPN functionality is good as it supports PPTP, which is easy to implement and both Windows and OS X have clients built in.

    The Linksys VPN client is absolute garbage.

    Buffalo used to make a pretty good VPN router that supported PPTP without the artificial 5 user limit the RV042 has. The two problems with it are that it's discontinued and it had no loopback support. Buffalo has promised a replacement that's supposed to be much better according to Buffalo reps, but I've not seen it yet.
  8. netlinker

    netlinker LI Guru Member

    The RV042 is a bit less powerful than the RV082 because it has a slower processor. But otherwise the feature set and user interface are the same as the RV082. I so far only installed one RV042. It is a good choice for a small business and would recoomend it in a hearbeat.

    On the WRT54GL (only buy a GL, not the G) in DD-WRT set the internet connection type to disabled and give it a fixed IP address. You can even add the WAN port to the Switch and will then gain a 5 Port switch. If you can't pull cables to a remote office, buy another WRT54GL, set it to wireless client mode and attach PCs to the switch port (great for a desk in a meeting room, connecting a printer, etc.).

    Perhaps deploy a couple of WRV200 to home users with new firmware in a month or two when firmware has stabilised.
  9. elfif

    elfif Network Guru Member

    Ok, I think it's almost completely clear for me, except one point : VPN client software.
    Which one should be used ?

    I need client to gateway connections since I don't want to manage a windows VPN server, because I'm not in charge of that part of the network.
    There should be only two people at a time using vpn tunneling.

    hd7544 said
    But, If I setup VPN on the RV042, what client can I use on windows notebooks to replace quickvpn ?
    Can the windows client do the job ?
  10. netlinker

    netlinker LI Guru Member

    The Windows PPTP client in Windows will do fine and is very easy to configure. Basically just a matter of setting IP address (or dyndns address if you set up a dyndns account on the RV042), username and password.
  11. hd7544

    hd7544 Network Guru Member

    Unless you have some serious security needs, PPTP is the way to go. It's easy to setup. The only requirement is, as with other VPN solutions, is that the remote and client be on different subnets. The easiest way to accomplish this is to change the default subnet on the RV042 side to something that isn't 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x, which are the two most popular default subnets.

    I understand that PPTP has some weaknesses that IPSEC doesn't have, but from what I understand that the current implementation is pretty safe as long as strong passwords are used.

    The RV042 has a 5 user limit on the PPTP server as it does with the IPSEC. I do not know if the number of PPTP users increases with the purchase of additional users for the IPSEC side. However, I have yet to implement a small box like this in a location with more than 3 users, so it's moot for me.
  12. elfif

    elfif Network Guru Member

    Many thanks to all of you for your help.
    I'm going to choose this configuration, and I'll try to apply your advices !
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