WRV54G problems w/VPN connection with client using NAT?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by JonAlthoff, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. JonAlthoff

    JonAlthoff Network Guru Member

    WRV54G. I have been unable to establish a VPN connection behind a WRT54G using SSH Sentinel 1.3.2, Greenbow 2.03 or SafeNet 9 or 10. I have created a VPN connection with Greenbow from a dial-up connection.

    I am unsure of the definition of a VPN Endpoint router. Can someone explain the difference?
  2. Nige

    Nige Network Guru Member

    The difference between a VPN endpoint router and a non-VPN endpoint router?

    A VPN endpoint router, in the case of the WRV54G, can host one end of an IPSec tunnel, rather than just behaving as a passthrough device. Of course, you need something else to host the other end of the tunnel too.

    And since IPSec is a standard, in theory you should be able to use any other VPN endpoint device to be the other end of the tunnel. I'll be testing this 'open interoperability' soon with a linux box running freeswan, and a Netscreen firewall (because those are the only VPN endpoint devices available to me) and I'll let you know how I get on.

    In the past I've had trouble with IPSec tunnels between different devices because of weird incompatibilities and different interpretations of the IPSec specs by different vendors, but have always managed to get the tunnel working eventually. Fingers crossed for the WRV54G...
  3. JonAlthoff

    JonAlthoff Network Guru Member

    I believe the WRV54G uses FreeS/WAN version 1.99. It probably lacks the NAT-T or NAT Traversal patch. Therefore I don't believe it would be possible to connect from a client behind a NAT router. Modifying the source/firmware to include the NAT-T patch or I think the latest FreeS/WAN is version 2.06.

    I can go from WRV54G to BEFVP41. I can also connect with a dial-up connection using a client software. As long as the client has a public IP address it should work.
  4. Razor

    Razor Network Guru Member


    Any ideas how to update our WRV54s to support the latest FreeS/WAN to include the NAT-T patch?

    Maybe I'll email Linksys before ditching the WRV54????
  5. JonAlthoff

    JonAlthoff Network Guru Member

    Download the sourcecode from Linksys. Download the Intel IXP425 code and patches. Download the frees/wan or patches possibly. Maybe even use a different VPN like OpenS/Wan. Maybe there are others as well. I think you need the wireless driver from prism.org as well. I never could get it to work and never made it far enough to need the wireless driver. I've played around with the code but don't know enough about Linux and C to be able to comprehend it all. I've made note about compiling the firmware located on this site. You can also check out the site for seattlewireless. They have information on the WRV54G about the workings of the device. If I was able to figure it out people would definately know about it.
  6. Razor

    Razor Network Guru Member

    Hi Jon

    Thanks for the info. I'm fine with C but have no idea with Linux...but I know a man who has. Unfortunately my time is seriously limited and therefore I think my only option for now is to go with the separate parts and interestingly they're actually cheaper!

    Cheers for all your help.
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