WRV54G QuickVPN and Site to Site

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by rangermonk, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. rangermonk

    rangermonk Network Guru Member

    Evening All,

    Was wondering if there are any known problems with using QuickVPN and Site to Site tunnels at the same time on a WRV54G? QuickVPN won't connect if I have a vpn site to site tunnel active. Firmware 2.38.6 on both WRV's. Thanks in advance.
  2. rangermonk

    rangermonk Network Guru Member

    Well, upon further testing, I couldn't get the WRV54G to utilize both QuickVPN and a site to site tunnel at the same time. Could only use one or the other.

    Anyone know of a router that will perform both? Maybe the RV082?

    I have a remote office that I need to set up site to site with (essentially connected 24/7), but I also need to utilize the QuickVPN client for a client's office that needs to connect sparingly.

    Or, since the WRV54G won't forward the GRE 47 to a Win2k PPTP Server, does anyone know if the RV082 has any issues with a Win2k PPTP Server behind it?

    Either way, QuickVPN or Win2k PPTP, I need to utilize the site to site function and still be able to allow a few remote users in. Thanks.
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