WRV54G/QuickVPN - Ponderings About XP SP2

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by FirstStar, Jan 26, 2005.

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    Hi All,

    I've been trying out different options with the WRV54G and the newest version of the Linksys QuickVPN Client. The router is up to the 2.37 firmware and all of the VPN pass-throughs and port forwarding are disabled.

    I've been trying to figure out what exactly about the Windows Firewall kills the function of the QuickVPN software. With the firewall disabled, the client connects fine and works normally, which has been posted before in this and other forums. Has anyone been able to discover what exactly about the Windows Firewall makes the QuickVPN software hang up at the Verifying Network step?

    I know that for most people, the talk progresses to "just disable the Windows Firewall" but I would like to find out more about why this is happening. For those of you that are using the QuickVPN software, are you just accepting that you must disable the Windows Firewall and moving on?

    Is anyone using a different software firewall in the place of the Windows Firewall?

    My basic concern is that a possibility exists to have a remote user that is using a broadband connection with a single computer and no router on their end, and connectiong to the Internet for them with no firewall mechanism could be a very bad thing. This could be addressed by putting a router up on their remote connection to provide them some type of limited firewall protection.

    However, if perhaps a user has several computers set-up behind a router, and one of those computers downloads a trojan or other parasite over the Internet, if all the machines have their Windows Firewall disabled in order to use the QuickVPN software, there is nothing to stop the parasite from doing what it wants to the other local machines.

    So I guess to sum up as simply as I can, are people out there using the QuickVPN software working with no firewall at all, using other firewall software, or is the real prefered way to still use 2 VPN routers for a connection and wait for the QuickVPN software can be further developed?

    I've been trying different variations of security policies within Windows XP but haven't found a combination yet that lets the QuickVPN connect with the Windows Firewall up. At this point, it's mainly a curiosity issue for me becusae I will probably end up trying other firewall software or getting 2 VPN routers, but if anyone has some information to share about thoughts on what the hang up with the Windows Firewall is, I'd be greatly interested.

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