WRV54G rebooting

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Jezter, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Jezter

    Jezter Network Guru Member


    I'm posting and hoping I'm not alone here.

    I bought a wrv54g from BB 4 days ago. My requirements are wireless and VPN connectivity to my work endpoint. This seemed to fit the bill.

    I set it all up, VPN included, in less than 10 minutes. After a little bit I noticed my connections in my lan dropping, the router reboots...usually comes back, but sometimes needs a hard reset. Anyway, I decided I would u/g the firmare to 2.3.7...the latest. Still happened. Reboots are about 1hr 15 mins apart. Called Linksys....they were baffled.

    Took that router back to BestBuy the nest day. Exchanged it, set it up identically, same reboots. Called Linksys again....getting slightly irritated by this point. I told them what I did to troubleshoot....IE called Comcast they verified constant operation of cable modem. u/g firmware.....reset to factory defaults with a paperclip....all that. He said to take it back.

    Took that router back, this time I came home with a new cable modem...in case that's it, a new wrv54g....and a new 8 port switch to round out the replacement of every piece of networking equipment I'm running.

    This....the 3rd router is STILL REBOOTING.....arg. The last 2 times I noted that it is still 1hr 15 mins approx uptime. Then bang.

    I am able to put back in place a wrt54g as a test that doesn't drop my lan, wired and wireless. Doesn't have vpn though.. :(

    I'm baffled..... and I do this for a living......

    1 Vpn tunnel
    port forward on vnc ports

    Thanks in advance for any help!!

    Brad :evil:
  2. Jezter

    Jezter Network Guru Member

    Quick update. Returned the 3rd one and picked up a befsx41. Stays up no problem.

    Now to get the wrt54g I have to talk to it... :)


  3. opjose

    opjose Network Guru Member


    I just went thru something VERY VERY similiar. I came here looking for help...

    My system WRV54G would not stay up for more than 20 seconds when I saturated the connection, especially the WiFi in G mode... e.g. a large file xfer...

    I noticed that this started late last year after the 2.3x series firmware.

    On a hunch I went back to 2.21 (I believe that 2.25.x works ok as well) and the reboots disappeared totally for me.

    Kernel errors?
  4. tvos

    tvos Network Guru Member

    Router Rebooting

    I've had no problems with the router rebooting except when making changes to the configuration. Thats normal, but not having it stay on-line is a different story.

    Another thing that I noticed is that the wi-fi connection drops every so often.. Is this normal for this device or no?

  5. opjose

    opjose Network Guru Member

    No that is not normal, and I've seen the same dropping of the WiFi connection every few minutes, again with the 2.3x firmware.

    And again the 2.2x fixed this for more.
  6. tvos

    tvos Network Guru Member

    hmmm.... I wouldn't say it drops every 2-3mins - but maybe 1/2hr - maybe 1hr or can be up for a long time. btw: I have the latest firmware as of 2.7.2005

    as for the rebooting of the router - when i make changes to the router like changing settings - it does reboot which i know is normal.

    any ideas?

  7. opjose

    opjose Network Guru Member


    While rebooting after each configuration change is somewhat normal, rebooting as you describe is NOT.

    Originally I was seeing exactly what you are decribing over my wired network.

    It wasn't until one day I was trying to xfer almost a CD full of data that I found that the WiFi would cause an even more frequent reboot....

    This after the latest 2.37 and/or 2.37.x beta firmware, and performing a full "restore to factory defaults"....

    I'd venture to say that there is a consistent but often unreported pattern here...

    Again, at least for me, going back to 2.2x cured these problems altogether.
  8. tvos

    tvos Network Guru Member

    No problems....

    I've had no problems with transfering data from 100k to 100mb via wireless with the new firmware upgrade. i just recently purchased my router back in dec 2004 - i'll look at this in the future for possible problems.

    other then that i'm pretty much setup - except for the vpn....

  9. ghost999

    ghost999 Guest

    I have a similar problem but only when a wirelesss device with an Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG NIC connects. It'd be interesting to know if you are using a similar NIC.

    Still hashing it through with Linksys support but they have given me a firmware beta to try 2.37.13.
  10. tvos

    tvos Network Guru Member

    Wifi Reboot + Nic

    I'm actually using the linksys speedbooster on one of my laptops, san disk wifi sdio 256mb card and a ibm thinkpad (not sure about the nic but its probally a intel wifi card on the board.

    So far I've been able to transfer cds of info. w/o no problems. My wife just a transfer of 1gig mp3s from the router to her laptop.

    Every now and then the router will display 'must reboot for settings to take effect" which I would assume thats normal. I don't exp. any random reboots during.

    Only thing as I said prior is that vpn is a issue. I had a friend from england connect via vpn perfectly into my wrv54g first try. - no problems. I try to connect same ole msg - gateway not responding'. I think it was to do with udp traffic its blocking. ALl firewalls are turned off, basic XP Sp2 pro setup, no other apps except tightvnc... still problems..


  11. kspare

    kspare Computer Guy Staff Member Member

    Can you email me that beta 2.37.13? I'm testing 2.37.7?


  12. noend

    noend Network Guru Member

  13. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Although my profile has it listed that I'm using 2.37.13, I'm actually using 2.37E because I bought the Quickvpn 50 client user license. I've got a total of 50 quickvpn tunnels which is cool once things start expanding. The down side is that 2.37E has the inherent 2.37 PPTP server error, which is when you have "SHA1" selected in phase one of the authentication process, it still shows as "MD5" when you're looking at the advanced settings of the vpn tunnel. Other than that, my wrv has been "solid" with 2.37E on an ADSL connection with an ADSL modem (x-modem ce). I had stable performance with 2.37.13 also.

    I think people are running into problems based on the architecture being utilized by their ISP (personally). Example: I've "never" had the rebooting issue with my wrv, "but" I have a constant problem with it when it comes to acquiring a WAN lease. The maximum amount of time (no matter if the connection from the isp is static or dhcp) is 1hr 53 mins. So, I put my smc router upfront and made a static route between it and the wrv and now the wrv (as a router for a separate subnet) has proper lease times (152 hrs 34 mins). This "really" makes me believe the wrv's performance also hinges on the isp's configuration.

  14. donk2901

    donk2901 Guest

    Hi Plse help!

    I have been following this thread and it is very good!

    I thought I would buy the WRV54G to see if I could setup a Home Network of my own. I am running a D-link 300 ST modem and this is configured correctly.

    The only problem I have is when trying to receive anything over 3 megabytes! It just hangs and no further data is transfered until 10 mins after. in which time the connection has timed out! The router is running the latest firmware 2.3.7.

    This problem occurs when using wirless or ethernet Cable.
    I can view web pages but not transfer files after about 1 min into the download the router just hangs and no more data is received.

    I have re-set the router and plugged the modem directly into the pc using eathernet cable so I know there is a setting/problem with the router itself.

    Is there a more perminant solution rather than changing the router or even downgrading the firmware??

    If So I would be most greatfull for your comments, or idea's you may have.

    Kind Regards

  15. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Actually the latest firmware is 2.3.8 ;)
  16. Cathylb

    Cathylb Network Guru Member

    I'm baffled..... and I do this for a living......
    I have three (better said: I am STUCK WITH three) WRV54Gs and they have been highly problematic. Am replacing them with Cisco 1721s and these POCs will be demoted to WAPs.
  17. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    you might check your MTU settings

    ping -f -l [packet] [gateway]

    Where you see packet is the size you want and "gateway" is going to be your isp's gateway address. If the ping comes back saying packet needs to be defragmented (or something to that effect) you need to take the packet size down. Once you get a normal ping reply, you can use Dr TCP to change your registry MTU packet size on the fly.

    The second alternative would be changing the routers MTU from auto/1492 to manual/1300 (all windows boxes have a default of 1500; 1300 is plenty safe to try).

    See if that helps...

  18. Cathylb

    Cathylb Network Guru Member

    Thanks. This all makes me feel better. My three WRV54G's have been nightmares. Crashing, disconnecting, you name it. It has been over a year now of unreliability. Definitely not suitable for business use.
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