WRV54G VPN always dying after 1 week, Needs reboot to fix

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shakamon, Jan 22, 2006.


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  1. shakamon

    shakamon Network Guru Member

    Does anybody have any idea why this is happening. Is there a known memory leak? I had the users able to VPN for 1 month. Then it choked. I rebooted router. Since then it only stays up for about a week, before a reboot is necessary.

    About my environment. I am running firmware 2.37. It is providing DHCP services and has a few VPN clients configured to use the network behind it. It has a static IP on the Wan Interface, and uses my ISP's DNS servers. I do have wireless configured with SSID disabled with WPA. Other than that, there is nothing else really configured. No ports are opened to any systems inside either.

    I used another DHCP server, but that did not work. I saw a thread where there was bootp exploits\issues

    I do not dare call Linksys tech support, they are horrible and are basically a huge waste of time. They seem more worried about my contact info than fixing my problem.

    Any help would be awesome.
  2. shakamon

    shakamon Network Guru Member

    need help on this

    Is there anyone else who uses this box and has any helpful links I could try. I have exhausted my search for solutions.
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