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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by fanadonf, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. fanadonf

    fanadonf Network Guru Member

    Hello I need some help to configure a vpn connexion between
    a client (quickVpn) and a WRV54G.

    Client Config :

    PC -----> Routeur WL500G----> ADSL MODEM - -
    DHCP @ fix

    Site Connfig

    --ADSL MODEM (PPOE)- - WRV54G----LAN
    DHCP (

    I read the quick vpn setup guide and apply the config but no connexion working.
    i must keep the dhcp server on the WRV54G for the lan computer.

    Can you help me ?

    Thank's in advance

    The config :

  2. bulletspunge

    bulletspunge Network Guru Member

    I dont mind helping but can you please post up your setting on the router's VPN pages. By what you have stated I am not sure if you have the WRV54G configured for VPN tunneling, since your IP range is still on the 192.168.xxx.xxx subnet. The WRV changes you subnet to 10.xxx.xxx.xxx when you enable VPN.

    Please post up your settings or upload some screenshots to the web so we can help you further.

  3. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    quickvpn does not use the settings that you are showing, in case you don't know. Quickvpn creates it's own tunnel when it connects to the WRV54G; the settings you've shown above (PPTP) "only" apply when you are using them with a third party vpn client such as Greenbow or SSH Sentinel.

    The only thing that really matters (when using quickvpn as a client) is that you have "ipsec passthrough" enabled, which you do. Your ip range ( is okay for what you're trying to do because your WRV54G is just acting as an endpoint for the client (quickvpn); if you were trying to do a WRV54g-to-WRV54G gateway configuration and the other WRV54G you were attemtping to connect to had a local LAN IP in the range of also, "then" it would be a problem because both routers would see the other as being on the same local LAN segment, thus, stopping the tunnel from being created.

    If you are getting "verifying network" when trying to connect with quickvpn, that means there is something left to properly configure on the client side. What firewall are you using and what software applications do you have loaded?

    FYI for everyone reading, the reason the wrv54g changes your LAN ip when you create the very first quickvpn account is because a lot of people have a habit of "not" changing the default LAN IP (, so, that's why it automatically assigns a Class A ip (i.e., The creators of the WRV54G "assume" you'll eventually be using it to make a router-to-router gateway connection so having the WRV54G automatically re-assign your ip "from the default ip" eliminates one less problem when trying to establish a router-to router connection. As I've mentioned before, the way to get around this is to change your LAN IP "immediately" upon putting your WRV54G online for the first time. This way, you you won't have to worry about having your local ip scheme changed when you configure the first quickvpn client.

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