WRV54G VPN Set Up Issues

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by ATAMartialArts, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. ATAMartialArts

    ATAMartialArts LI Guru Member

    Can someone direct me to some GOOD instructions on setting up VPN
    connection in between two WRV54G routers and the Windows XP computers
    connected to them?

    My home has a static IP address. Configuration as follows:
    internet to DSL Modem to WRV54G router. Router has two computers
    hooked up to it. One with Windows XP and Another with Windows Server

    My business has a dynamic IP address. Configuration as follows:
    internet to DSL Modem to WRV54G router. Router has two computers
    hooked up to it. Both with Windows XP.

    I need to know the follow:
    1) How do I configure the routers?
    2) How do I set up the IPSEC policies on Windows XP and Windows
    Server 2003?

    My objectives are for any computer to reach any computer or printer
    on either LAN and to run Quickbooks running on the Windows 2003
    machine from any machine.

    Some help please. I am getting nowhere slowly.

  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Here's a tutorial I put together showing how to connect a WRV200 to a WRV54G via a "router-to-router" configuration"


    If you have the two vpn routers talk to each other, there's no need to configure IPSEC vpn client policies on your machines. Regarding using quickvbooks on your 2003 server, you may want to set the server up as an "application server." To do this, go to start, control panel, administratove tools, and then choose "configure your server." It will walk you through the setup.

    It appears you'll need a dyndns account for your business; you can go to http://www.dynamicdns.org to assign up; it's totally free and you can have an account in 10 mins or less.

    If there are any problems post back.

  3. ATAMartialArts

    ATAMartialArts LI Guru Member

    Dyndns Account

    So what's the dyndns account for? By totally free were you referring to free trial? I didn't any free options on the site.

    REALLY, appreciate your help.

    Business could establish a QuickVPN session to home, but home could not go to school after the tutorial, that may have something to do with the dyndns account. Nice tutorial by the way.

  4. ATAMartialArts

    ATAMartialArts LI Guru Member

    More Details on failure

    A few things... some may matter some may not.

    I am using firmware version 2.39.2. In the tutorial you mention using using different version because "it is more stable". Is that still the case? If so, where do I get the version you are referring to?

    On my home router, I get a "Waiting for Connection" and the ping fails.

    On my school router, I did get a quickVPN connection, but when I searched for the computers on my home network I couldn't find them.

    Finally, is there anything other than checking "enable" necessary to enable remote management? I am not getting that working either. From Home, I try to go to the school's router for remote management and I can't get there.... page not found errors.

    Greatly appreciate your help... I am totally new to this.

  5. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    What type of dsl modems do you have at home and at work? I forgot to ask about them...
  6. ATAMartialArts

    ATAMartialArts LI Guru Member

    Home is a Westell Wirespeed; service provider is oplink.net

    School is a 2Wire; service provider is sbcYahoo

  7. ATAMartialArts

    ATAMartialArts LI Guru Member

    Possible Cause

    Some additional data in my mystery.

    From the school, I can remote manage my home router on the static IP address.

    From home, I can NOT remote manage my school router on the dynamic IP address.

    At the school, I noticed that appearently my router WAN Address and my modem have different IP addresses. Is that normal?

    If I do whatismyip.com, I get
    In my school router set up, it shows the external WAN address as and the internal address as

    To configure the router at the school, I go to

    Is there some port forwarding or something that needs to happen here to get talking to

    It works for browsing the internet, but maybe there is some additional configuration for VPN???? Sorry, but I don't know anything about this stuff...

    Also, if I use QuickVPN from the school to connect to home, it appears to connect. After connecting, if I explore My Network Places and subs, I can't find my home computers. I see what looks like a workgroup that was added with the Log In name I logged in with, but there is nothing within it. Do computers have to "join" that tunnel or something? That is why I was thinking I had to do something with IPSEC.
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