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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by frank, May 30, 2004.

  1. frank

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    I have been pulling my hair out for several weeks trying to get a xp pro media center os sitting behind a wrt54g linksys vpn endpoint router to open and connect via vpn to a wrv54g vpn server at a remote location. both routers have static ip and i can ping the wrt54g from the xp pro desktop.remote management works fron the xp pro box across the web. the wrv54g uses a public key for auth. and linksys says that both routers are set up properly. i live in the bay area of san francisco and would be glad to pay for some assistance. i am a 30 year professional it person so this has me really stumped. i have looked in every manual and knowledge base i can find and this subject does not appear to be covered.I have used linksys for years and have never had this much trouble. linksys tech support just says call microsoft. help before i go bald

    frank freeman

  2. JonAlthoff

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    Was this on Dslreports.com? This combination of hardware will not allow you to connect with a VPN Client. The WRV54G does not seem to support NAT-T or NAt Traversal. If you remove the WRT54G you should be able to connect to the WRV54G with VPN.
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    acording to linksys this combo is supposed to work with the wrt54g and the wrv54g having the latest rom sets. the other problm is that the wrt54g acts as a small wireless dls router for several computers in a networked remote office.what linksys said was that only one of the networked computers at a time could connect via a vpn tunnel. if someone else wanted to do it the first person had to log out. really dumb but in this case we can live with it.
    am just working with the book wardriving as it has help and examples for this very problem. will let you know next week

  4. JonAlthoff

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    I have te exact same setup in the computer repair shop. I have a WRT54G and my computer sits behind it. I even thought I had problems with the WRT54G firmware and tried Wi-Fi firmware on it. It didn't make any difference. The only way I've been able to connect a client VPN software is with a direct connection via dial-up. I've used Greenbow, Safenet and SSH Sentinel. The Windows XP stuff was alot harder for me to figure out and I gave up. The clients made it much easier. I had no trouble connecting to BEFVP41's behind the WRT54G as well.

    From the reading I have done the WRV54G uses Freeswan version 1.99. There is a NAT Traversal patch for it. I have not been able to figure out if it is incorporated into the firmware yet. I would think it would probably be a better choice to use FreeS/WAN version 2.05 or Super FreeS/WAN maybe. Once I can learn enough about compiling firmware I'll try it myself. But it's been a difficult process.
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