WRV54G woes

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Zagger, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. Zagger

    Zagger Network Guru Member

    I'm stumped! Looks like some similarities with some of the other threads, but thought I'd start over to keep things from getting to jumbled.

    Here's the story:

    WRV54G, firmware 2.03, installed ~8 months ago. Working fine all this time, other than too many restarts. It connects to a SonicWall SOHO3 on the other side of a VPN. A week ago the WRV54G stops serving up IP's (DHCP dead), No longer serves as a DNS proxy, and can not access the management interface via the browser (local or remote). Also, on the original box, when you set a static WAN IP it always returned to Dynamic (of course, you had to learn that before configuring VPN and losing the management interface) :twisted: . VPN also doesn't work. If I assign static IP's and DNS servers, can continue to access Internet.

    -Reset to factory defaults, no change.
    -Updated to 2.25.2, no change.
    -Replaced router with brand new one, running 2.10 firmware. Change: it keeps a static WAN IP, but seems to lose DHCP, DNS, and management immediately upon configuring and saving VPN info.
    -Reset to factory defaults and updated to 2.25.2. No change.
    -Reset to factory defaults. Did not configure VPN. Lost DHCP, DNS, management after about 2 hours.
    -Took a third WRV54G (also new, running 2.10) to another site, different everything - ISP, modem, PC's, patch cables. No change!
    -Still at test site, downgraded to firmware 2.03. Was able to get everything working. Shipped to site (4 hour drive). Everything worked... for about an hour! Then, same thing!!!!
    -Obtained dealer tech support # and pin (didn't bother mentioning conversations with wacky indians). They sent me a copy of 2.20 beta firmware, saying it's the most stable for VPN. Installed this over the phone with the secretary at the site.
    -Current status: 2.20 beta does not seem to accept a static IP, returning "0 or 255 invalid". As best I can over the phone, verified all settings at least 4 or 5 times. Emailed tech. Hoping for answer.

    Aargh!!! I've installed many products from Linksys, some of them over 100 times. This is a new low. Hope I don't have to learn another manufacturer's line, the Cisco thing ain't look'n good at this point! :roll:

    If anyone has any ideas, it'd be much appreciated!
  2. Zagger

    Zagger Network Guru Member

    Just a quick update:
    -There was a typo on the page, once corrected returned to the same problems. Swapped it for a BEFSX41 just to get it up and running.

    Will keep the WRV54G around to see if future firmware releases actually work.
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