WRV54G won't install

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by incubus, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. incubus

    incubus LI Guru Member

    Ideas, please, on this setup problem.

    My wife's office got a new WRV54G and she wasn't able to install it, so she called me in, and I got nowhere either. So I set out to test the unit on my home network where everything else is a known quantity.

    I have several XP and Linux boxes connected to a WRT54GL with Tomato on it, connecting to the Internet through a Surfboard SB5120 cable modem fed by Comcast Cable, everything working splendidly. So I disconnected one XP box from the 54GL and connected it to LAN port 1 on the WRV54G. Likewise, I disconnected the WAN cable from the 54GL and connected it to the WAN port on the WRV54G.

    Then I power-cycled both the cable modem and the WRV54G. The green power light blinked during the boot, went to steady green, and the Internet light began flashing orange. The WRV54G established a DHCP connection to the computer, and I was immediately able to log into the router -- but the router did not connect out to the Net.

    The Setup page shows the router configured to connect out via DHCP, but the WAN address on the Status page shows all zeroes.

    Suggestions? TIA...

  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    For starters, reset to factory default; after doing that, unplug the power pack, hold in the power button and continue to hold while plugging the power pack back in (goal is to completely clear the memory if this is a small part of the problem

    Also, from you XP machine, what type of send/receive activity are you getting from the connection to the router? I have noticed on a few devices where one particular router will automatically pull in the DNS of the ISP (when tcp/ip connections are left at default to obtain automatically) and connect devices to the internet whereas another router required you to go into "tcp/ip connections" in windows and manually assign the ip of the DNS server.

    As a suggestion, get all the values from your WRT54GL (i.e., WAN, Gateway, DNS, etc...) and then configure your WRV54G as a "static" connection. If the values are good, the WRV54G should pass traffic. This is something I would normally do if I were seeing "oddities" when trying to put a new router on a functional connection.


  3. incubus

    incubus LI Guru Member

    Thanks, I'll try the static-setup procedure. The router isn't even getting a WAN IP for itself, much less any DNS addresses...the Status page just remains full of zeroes.

  4. incubus

    incubus LI Guru Member

    OK, tried setting it up with a static IP. The only thing that changed is that the Internet light flashes green instead of amber; I still have full communication from computer to router but can't ping any address outside. Rebooting, clearing memory, resetting defaults...no effect. I don't see how any conclusion other than "broke" fits this.
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