1. Lucky #7

    Lucky #7 LI Guru Member

    I posted a while back and was having some issues with this router. I have since had our ISP bridge our modem so that we can access the router externally through its public IP address. I have not had a chance to test it yet, but I do have a few questions before I do.

    In Quick VPN, which port do I need to set it to use? 443 or 60443? What is the difference between these two?

    Also, I have tried to test from within our office, which I assumed wouldn't work, and got stuck at "Verifying Network." However, after trying to connect, my internet connection would not work. I could connect to the router just fine, but I was unable to do anything else. I changed the IP settings on my machine to static and set my own IP address which got my internet back. When I switched it back to automatic, I was unable to connect again. This was happening before and can be resolved by restarting the router and computer (just restarting the computer does not work), but I don't want to have to do this every time and my home network is uses 192.168.x.x so having a static 10.173.x.x address doesn't work.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can keep this from happening? Is this just a symptom of trying to connect from within the same network? I'm pretty sure this happened to me when I was at home on my WRT54G as well, though, when I was testing before.
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