WRV54Gs-Neither internal or S/W VPN work!

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Shoot_the_Router, Jan 12, 2007.

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    How am I supposed to use these devices for what I need?

    The Setting - I have two LANs about 20 miles apart each with a WRV54G. I want PCs on LAN 1 to be able to see the PCs, shared network drives, printers, etc on LAN 2. PCs at both ends of the VPN tunnel should be able to use the standard Windows interface to see all LAN attached devices - at both locations. Drives should be able to be mapped on a PC residing on LAN 1 to a network share on LAN 2 and so on. As if the two locations were not separated by distance!

    Attempt 1 (easiest first):
    Not really what I wanted for the whole client base but I thought I would try the "Quick" Local-VPN-Client-Software-That-Came-With-The-Router route. I followed the instructions and made a connection with Quick VPN. No problems connecting but the client can't map drives (using IP address with shared folder name) which is the only reason I want VPN access in the first place. Odd though a PC on the server side of the connection was able to map a drive on the client PC?
    Attempt 2:
    I followed the instructions and made a connection between the two WRV54G routers. No problems connecting but the client can't map drives again (can't ping). Since you can only connect using VPN when you use two different subnets, how do you get the subnets to talk to each other once connected?

    Do I have to do it in the router? If so, I have not been able to figure it out looking at it - but that wouldn't surprise me.

    Note: I have File and Print Sharing on ... the XP firewalls are set to allow it (I've turned them both off to see if it was the issue - it wasn't) ... the routers are tunneling everything via VPN so I ASSumed I didn't have to do anything else to get the packets between the routers & PCs on each of the LANs that were connecting to each other.

    Note 2: (I've done a lot of testing now ... it all starts to bblluurr) but I think in Attempt 1 I was able to ping addresses at each end. Attempt 2 not. But I think I was able to print to a Laserjet attached to an HP JetDirect using port forwarding (LPD port 9100) in both locations.

    Thanks in advance to anyone you can assist me in what I thought was going to be a no-brainer.
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