WRVS4400N : Bad ping, poor throughput...

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by delta69, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. delta69

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    I bought a bunch of WRVS4400N to set up a network for a company with several offices linked by 100MB optical fiber or SDSL links.

    I choose this device because of its gagabit Ethernet interfaces (both on WAN & LAN) and its ability to deal with 802.11N WiFi.

    Well, let's say that I'm very disapointed : The ping response time is very bad, even on the LAN interface : Just plugging a computer with the provided network cable, pingging the gateway interface takes from 1 to 17ms (with no activity at all on the WAN side, IPS and firewall disabled).

    I think it's the poorest gateway response time I have seen from years !

    Moreover, the maximum routing throughput seems to be 60MB/s or so... Why put gig interfaces in this case ?

    If you know how to give some vitamins to this device, I'm strongly interested !

  2. astute

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    I had the same problem but never really saw it as a problem because from LAN to WAN it seems to be okay. 1 to 2ms. But from LAN to LAN it can take up 100ms for packets to be send. Yes, 100ms, that is as much as a packet takes to cross the atlantic.

    Anyways, it was improved by the latest firmwares, but note, the new firmwares also bring a host of new problems so be cautious putting the new firmware on.

    The low gigabit speeds I have not had yet. I reached up to 75Mbyte on the LAN from one to the other machine but truth be told, haven't tried to stress two more machines so I guess I really can't say. But in all fairness I don't think this is a bad result to receive 60MB where this is 6 times faster then a 100mbit router can do but I can imagine it would be limiting on a large stressfull network.

    Why not use smart gigabit copper switches for your local networking so it can choose the shortest route for LAN and just use one router for WAN access. You won't stress the router that way.
  3. delta69

    delta69 LI Guru Member


    FYI, a guy at Linksys told me this product fall in the "Business Series" for marketing reasons more than for technical ones...


    Bad news...

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