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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by deltatree, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. deltatree

    deltatree Network Guru Member

    Hello everybody, i am here to report one bug in the firmware 1.00.13 of Linksys wrvs4400n , few weeks ago i activated the DDNS Service to use it with Dyndns , later on that day i disabled the DDNS Service , but it is still resolving the new ip (my isp use dynamic ips we dont have static ips :( ), well thats not all , my default IP is for the router and my internet IP is , when i try to access it wont access but when i use and dyndns it will access, this router is behind another router the other router ip is both of them are in subnet

    this firmware is very buggy hope one day OpenWRT or DD-WRT support this router
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Check again and make sure that the ip address of the "WAN" port on your second router is in the same range as the "LAN" ip address of your first router. Ideally, in this configuration, the WAN ip address of your second router "will" be the "LAN" ip address of the first router, while the WAN ip of your first router should be the assigned ip from your ISP.

    Before upggrading your firmware to .13, where you running your router on .12 in this configuration without any problems?

  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Sounds like you are behind another router (from your ISP). if your WAN IP is then your DDNS service, who ever it is, will not know where in the world that is. This ip is a private IP address. For DDNS to work, afaik, you need to have a Public IP address on the WAN port. this sounds like the problem is not a bug with the WRVS4400N but your ISP who wont assign public IP addresses to its clients.
  4. deltatree

    deltatree Network Guru Member

    thanks for helping , here i put more details

    i am connected via PPPoA with a Zyxel 650HW router (internal IP i get here my Wan IP currently 200.121.XXX.XXX from here i conected one Cat 5 wire to the Wan Port of my WRVS4400N the Wan IP from my WRVS4400N i set it up as Static default gateway DNS alternative , local ip .

    Ever since i enabled and disabled DDNS service when i connect to the domain something.homeunix.com (not the actual one i am using) it resolves the Wan IP in this moment 200.121.XXX.XXX and DDNS service is Disabled, if i turn off the zyxel 650HW and my WRVS4400N , my wrvs4400n will connect to DDNS and update the new IP even if the DDNS service is disabled.

    so in few words when i try to access it wont connect to the router gui but when i use something.homeunix.com it connect to the router gui.

    i think it is a bug in the firmware, i updated from v 12 to 13 the day i bought the wrvs4400n, without testing the v12.
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