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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Nomade(DK), Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Nomade(DK)

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    Hi There

    I bought the WRVS4400n to aviod problems! But what do i get!

    I use the router on a 10/10mbps fiber. The ISP register any change in MAC adress, and it takes it two hours to understand the new MAC, and to get back on the internet.
    Almost every day i get thrown off for two hours!! The ISP told me that it seemed as if i had got new hardware with a new MAC on my fiber (but the "new" MAC they registered was not a real MAC - only digits!!!!!!!!!!!)

    What is happening with this router - seems like it farks sometimes and send some higly strange things to my IPS.
    Now this probably would not be a bigger problem on DSL (DSL doesn´t care about MAC - at least mine doesn,t)
    BUT i read about some other people that had to power off the WRVS4400n almost every day - could this be related?

    Anyone experience the same things?

    I read a lot of complains about wireless DHCP on this router! My experinece is that some wireless card (like Broadcom) have a problem with AES and DHCP (but not with TKIP) others cards (Like ASUS n - works fine for me)

    Any similar expirences?

    Torben Hjorth (Denmark)
  2. VipeTecH

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