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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by ieko, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. ieko

    ieko LI Guru Member

    Hello, I have a router-to-router VPN setup with two WRVS4400N's and have "NetBios Broadcast" enabled on both ends but I can't open up "Network" (Vista's version of "My Network Places") and see the computers at the other end of the VPN tunnel. I've been trying to resolve this for about a week now so I'm willing to try anything, even buying a different router if I'm guaranteed the ability to browse over a VPN tunnel.

    Edit: I should probably mention that I can ping from one side of the tunnel to the other without a problem.
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    The majority of Linksys routers that I've used in the last 4yrs have not supported the capability of viewing windows netbios traffic; older models "might" have done this, but I don't know of anyone I can ask (i.e., BEFVP41).

    Configuring a WINS server has always been the answer for this; I've never been to fussed about Netbios (it's as chatty as RIP supposedly) so I haven't put too much time investigating it... The best way to view netbios traffic that "I" know of is via a PPTP vpn connection, whether it be microsoft vpn server-to-microsoft vpn server or a microsoft vpn client connection to a microsoft vpn server. I do know that netbios traffic is visible in that manner.

    Is it possible for you to configure a wins server at your location?

  3. ieko

    ieko LI Guru Member

    I can setup a WINS server at one location and I have tried but I'm not entirely sure if I did this correctly, If I did do it correctly it didn't help at all. Do you know of a detailed guide on how to set it up that I could follow?

    The thing is for what I'm trying to do I need to have a very minimal setup at location B, location A can have lots of stuff to make this work if need be.
  4. ieko

    ieko LI Guru Member

    Would building a Windows (or linux) box for each side then making it my Router and setting up PPTP(or something else) work? Could I get at least 4 outbound connections at location A?

    Any other suggestions on getting a VPN tunnel that supports NetBios traffic?
  5. blake_

    blake_ LI Guru Member

    I suggest using DNS instead of NetBIOS for name resolution.
  6. ieko

    ieko LI Guru Member

    Would I just add the DNS ip to each client?

    See the thing is I need an Xbox 360 to see a Vista Ultimate machine at the other end.
  7. blake_

    blake_ LI Guru Member

    You can implement a DNS server easily enough, and then what you would do is specify it as each client's DNS server and make sure that they or the DHCP server register their IP's in DNS.

    Having a single server doing DNS & DHCP would probably be easiest - though this may cause problems as what would happen if the VPN was down (if these routers even allow DHCP traffic over VPN), etc, but it is all possible to set up reliably you just need to work out your requirements and how much time and effort you want to put in to it.

    Can you not just reference the clients via IP address?
  8. ieko

    ieko LI Guru Member

    Thanks, I'll look into that. What about the two DNS servers I get from my ISP though? I'd have to replace one because I usually only get the option for two entries. Are they just mirrors?

    I can't give the 360 a specific ip to look for (it just goes and search with netbios I believe), if that was the case I would be set! You don't happen to know of a way to get the 360's media center to look for a specific machine do you?
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