WRVS4400N v1.1.13 No Internet Access

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by BigN, Jul 2, 2009.

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    I have successfully used a WRVS4400N v1.1 router for over a year now. Supplied with firmware v1.0.16, it was very quickly upgraded to v1.1.03 and basically everything worked OK. Except I was unable to download ftp, a widely reported bug with this model. I knew from this forum that v1.1.08 was supposed to fix this bug among other issues, but by the time I actually got round to attempting this upgrade, v1.1.13 had also been released.
    After carefully noting each and every setting on all tabs of the router's configuration pages, I successfully upgraded it yesterday. I reset it to factory defaults and re-entered every setting. That is, no reliance on the Routercfg.cfg backup file! After a restart, and a bit of trouble getting into the webgui, I checked functionality of the router which appears to be OK, both access using its Ethernet ports and by wireless. However I am unable to load any pages in my web browser (IE7) that obviously need internet access. I get a "Detect Proxy Settings" message, followed by "Waiting for res://ieframe.dll/dnserror.htm" and finally "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" some time later. I can still access the routers webgui, and all settings appear OK. I can also reach other network devices, wired or wireless no problem from IE7 and by pinging their IP.

    Conclusion -- the router is probably in pretty good shape, apart from a single entry somewhere. Incidentally, exactly the same results are achieved using a wireless connected laptop... I cannot open my browser's home page. So it cannot be settings within IE7 on either machine, it has to be the common element ie the router. Bypassing the router to connect PC direct to modem restores full browsing functionality.
    After extensive surfing on this forum and elsewhere, I find one user states " v1.1.08 is best to date". So I quickly downgraded to this version, and without having to re-enter any settings, everything is now fine again. More to the point, the original ftp problem that led to all this time intensive effort has been fixed. So result!

    But can anyone please explain why v1.1.13 is not letting me acces the internet? While I can accept there may be bugs in this firmware, this surely could not be one of them? It has to be a wrong entry somewhere. Also is v1.1.12 now also to hand worth a try?

    I believe one of the experts using this forum should be able to recommend the best FW version for a WRVS4400N v1.1 based on experience.
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    Yes, I agree with your finding. Once I followed the link to your previous post, I realised I had read it las week during the many hours I spent researching this topic. Surely if what we are both seeing with v1.1.12 & .13 FW is the case, then the router is basically not fit for purpose? So why would Linksys release something with such a fundamental issue?

    Like you, my box is working just fine with v1.1.08, and this version also fixed my initial ftp download issue. So "If it ain't broke..."!

    However, I do feel Linksys/Cisco support for what should be a great product is less than satisfactory. And the box overheats like mad when sat horizontally on its base. It even runs uncomfortably hot when upright, but better. Could even be a potential fire risk! Cisco ought to consider that too and possible claims arising! cf the defective Dell battery issue some years back.

    It is always reassuring to find a problem is not unique and is well documented by others. I'll continue to monitor this forum to see what better FW eventually pops up, and is endorsed by users far more qualified than me. Then I'll try again. Meantime v1.1.08 it is.

    Many thanks for your input.
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