1. leslieemerson

    leslieemerson LI Guru Member


    OK, now I have searched everywhere for the answer and I guess it is to new for anyone to have posted solutions to the problems. I see problems out there and no answers. I am almost at the point of regreting purchasing the Newest and the Bestest on the Market, as it always comes with the kinks to be worked out.

    I am trying as hard as I can to use the VPN Client software that I downloaded from the linksys site to connect to the office and I get different problems at different times. :confused:

    I have software that I need to connect to on a computer with XP Home edition at the office. This computer is connected to the WRVS4400N VPN with the firewall disabled on the computer and the IPSEC services started. I have created 3 Client names and passwords. IP passthrough enabled. The internet connection is a PPPOE. The DHCP server is enabled on the Router WRVS4400N, as without it no one is able to access the internet or connect to each other.
    Now when I try to connect to the network I get: Connecting, Activating Policy, Verifying Network and it gets stuck at verifying network. Although When I check the router status It shows me connected. When I do get a connection, which is very seldom, I cannot access the software on the computer I need when I click on Web Client Network there is nothing absolutely nothing there. :argue:

    Now I have been in networking for quite a while, Novell First, a joy to work with. And on the others, I have set up numerous networks both large and small. I also realize that I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING!!! :wink:

    Could someone out there help me Please. I am losing sleep over this job and time and money. I am an independant contractor for networking. HELP ME PLEASE. MY SANITY IS SLOWLY EBING OUT OF MY NOW SHORT FUSED MIND.

    Leslie Emerson
    The Computer Lady
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    You mention the clicking on the "Web Client Network" where is this exactly?

    Network places?

    QuickVPN does not use Netbios. you will need to follow the NetBios Issues with VPN Tutorial to be NetBios names working over a QuickVPN connection.

    now the computer you are trying to connect to. Does this have a firewall running? is it WinXP Pro or Home?

    Pro version allow for RDC (Remote Desktop Connction) which you should be able to run everything remotely as long as you port forward the RDC port to that PC.
  3. leslieemerson

    leslieemerson LI Guru Member

    In Answer to where I was going, Yes it was network places, entire network and then Web Client Network.

    The Computer I am trying to connect to has XP Home Edition and the firewall has been disabled. I also have Disable Netbios over TCP/IP checked.

    I will try the link that you have posted and get back with a post in a little bit.:thumbup:
  4. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I've just gotten my WRVS4400N from Linksys so now I can take part in seeing what's going on with this device...

  5. indatasys

    indatasys LI Guru Member

    I sure hope that someone from LinkSys really reviews the VPN connectivity of the WRVS4400N. I have been doing networking for both our company and for external customers for 15 years and have had a successful VPN hosting router from Netopia (R910) for over 5 years.

    I bought this Linksys router to upgrade it - but have spent 4 different sessions with Linksys level 2 support personel on live chat for over an hour each time, with the same lack of results. We have downloaded and installed this latest firmware offered and finally can create a certificate which their QVPN client has needed to operate.

    The software (QVPN) indicates that we are connected - and the router "sees" a connection - but having NO IP assigned to the VPN connection which prevents most useful services. I cannot use pcAnywhere to control ANY of the pc's inside the network as the VPN connection does not have an IP assigned to the connection.

    The Netopia R910 DID assign an IP address so - it was very easy to control any office machine that had a pcAnywhere client running. Remote desktop does not appear to be able to be used either as there is no local IP apparently assigned to the VPN client connection. The Net Bios not being supported by the QVPN client is a real inconvenience. Most mapped drives are associated by names - not the full unc IP number.

    The WRVS4400N not allowing the native Windows VPN client to be used is also a real disadvantage. If there were some way to have the remote connectivity with an IP assigned locally, this would greatly improve the functionality of this device.

    As it is now - I had to pull mine out and put it on the shelf for a couple more months - HOPING that since it has been a year since Linksys released this "Business Class" router that soon they will truely understand what business require in a reliable, easy to configure for remote VPN connection device.

    We are a Cisco certified system provider, but I cannot get this one to "work" to MY satisfaction, so I doubt any serious business would find it useful either. Further research and customer use surveys are really needed for Linksys to make this the powerful tool that it touts itself to offer.
  6. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    What is the firmware you're currently using with it (1.01.03)? The newest round has stabilized it tremendously...

    As far as quickvpn goes, I've actually connected to my WRVS4400N with 1.0.28 version of quickvpn. Yeah, it's old, but I was suprised that it still connected and gave me access to my shares.

    As far as assigning an ip like you would normally expect, quickvpn doesn't. :(

  7. indatasys

    indatasys LI Guru Member

    Yes - the latest firmware I was using is 1.01.03.

    I would think that it would be the router firmware that would assign the local IP not the client (QVPN) software, but it probably is the teamwork between the client and the VPN router.

    Is there any indication that Linksys is working to further update their client QVPN software - or allow a SSL-VPN connection or something to allow further use of the network?

    When you used the 1.0.28 version of QVPN - I assume you had to use full IP based URL to get to any resource rather than using any DNS names? Very ackward in a DHCP environment, when trying to maintain a network. Servers are fixed IP, of course, but workstations that need assistance are all DHCP.
  8. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Quickvpn seems to always be under revision :) . At this time, SSL vpn is only supported by the RVL200 with 5 SSL clients and 2 IPSEC vpn tunnels.

    Yes, when I used quickvpn 1.0.28, I connect via the "ip address" of the system I need to connect to. A workaround (per microsoft's advice) is to run a WINS server in the environment to resolve netbios names. :( Obviously, this application is best served as a road warrior tool. However, if I as the system administrator had to connect while out on the road, I'd probably write down the ip addresses of my "important" nodes that I'd expect to access while traveling. No, it's not the optimum way to handle business, but business can still be handled :)

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