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    I have several questions regarding port forwarding on my network. I'll start off with my biggest one. Please refer to the diagram I have included below. On my primary computer, Mercury, the one that I download torrents with, I have had to create a static IP and forward ports for uTorrent. I am now trying to bring my wifes laptop, babe, onto the network (file sharing and all). I can connect to the network for about ten minutes using WPA security. I am wondering if its anything to do with my router being setup to forward those ports, hardware conflict, static IP etc.

    If I set up "babe" to have a static IP, will that affect the ability to connect to other wireless/wired networks?

    Should I setup my router for Auto DHCP or Static IP?

    Should I set up my router to act as a internet gateway or a intranet router (w/ no NAT)?


    BTW: BABE's NIC is a WPC54Gv2

    Thank you all so much in advance for your kind help. If theres any more info I can provide, just leme know :smile:
  2. binarypc

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    4400 Device config

    1.) Setting up a static IP is usually a bad idea for a notebook pc, due to differences in network addressing. She will inevitably end up somewhere with a different IP range and not be able to figure out why she can't get on the network. Due to that, I usually limit static addresses to "non-mobile" pc's, such as desktops, servers, etc...

    2.)You can set the WAN side of your router to use Comcast DHCP, however you may have to spoof your last MAC address for them. Even though the address gets refreshed, you could still use things like free Dynamic DNS services, or Logmein to get to devices on your network.

    3.) You should set it up as an Internet Gateway, with NAT; since Comcast tends to get picky about routing tables for your internal network showing up on their devices, unless you are paying for a business grade line. They start thinking you are abusing their network and such. There is also the aside that you don't want hackers, bots and such pulling arp tables and getting your IP ranges from them.

    Have you checked for a firmware update to the 4400N to see if it resolves the wireless issues?

    Has anyone else on these forums seen if Linksys' has resolved their wireless N problems with clients constantly timing out and dropping off the network? It seems like a pretty common complaint on current forums round the net and I would like to make a purchase in that area, if they are resolved.
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    Thanks binarypc! You know another issue with my router is that it makes this extremely high pitched yet audible sound 24/7! Need to call tech support on that one. They'll probably tell me: "for some reason or another, you're picking up on that wireless-N 3Ghz signal, u wierdo." LOL
  4. binarypc

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    I've seen and heard complaints about that sound with Linksys Gigabit switches also.
    I believe they are probably using sleeve fans instead of ball bearing fans to combat the heat issues from the new hardware. There used to be a big problem with CPU fans that were sleeve fans in PC's and because of that (and the higher failure rate than ball bearing fans) sleeve fans went the way of the dodo, for the most part.
    I would complain, maybe they will get enough complaints to change their ways and spend an extra buck or two on a better fan, or maybe they already know what the issue is and will fix it.
  5. cbelote

    cbelote LI Guru Member


    Going off on a tangent here but I know what ur talking about with the sleeve fans. Oh my, the A8N-SLI motherboard had a fan, well it had something *like* a fan, but sounded like a diseased leprechaun on speed. Thousands of owners came forward and most never got a replacement, including myself.

    Associated question here: what do you think the effectiveness of putting my own fan on would be. I know all electronics produce heat; and most thrive in a cool environment. Is this the case w/ routers?
  6. gb115b

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    err don't think mine has any fans?? i hear its coil noise...
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