WTR54G won't connect to DirecWay LAN port

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by BernieC, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. BernieC

    BernieC Network Guru Member

    I'm sure this'll turn out to be a dumb newbie question:

    I have a brand new DirecWay 7000 and so instead of my 54G [v5] being a router [to my XP system doing "Internet Connection Sharing"] I wanted to switch over to going out the satellite link.

    If I cable the Satellite modem directly into my laptop, it comes up just fine [in fact, I"m using that link right now]. But if I cable the Sat modem into the "Internet" port on my 54G, nothing happens. I can see from the lights at both ends that the two boxes are connected, but the 54G doesn't do anything -- doesn't get an IP address, doesn't set up routing, etc.

    Do I need to do something special to 'enable' the internet port or something. I did switch the 54G to 'gateway' mode. DHCP is enabled, of course, but that shouldn't matter [since that's on the LAN side]. The 54G is running on and the DirecWay seems to be hardwired to use [indeed, my laptop is currently] -- dunno if that could be a problem.

    Any help on how to fix it [or even how to figure out what's going on/wrong] would be appreciated. THANKS!!
  2. danielhaden

    danielhaden Network Guru Member

    For best results, upgrade to the latest Linksys firmware as the released versions were all unstable.

    Direcway already contains a firewall and a router and a DHCP server. You don't want duplicates.

    Here's how:

    Perform a hard reset or a "factory defaults" on the linksys WRT54G and either one of these will return it to usable condition.

    Plug your laptop into the Linksys via ethernet.
    Power on or restart the laptop.
    go to
    Change the linksys IP address to
    Write a note of and put it onto the bottom of the linksys WRT54G because that is your maintenance page.
    Disable DHCP
    Power off the laptop

    Connect the DirecWay box into the WRT54G using any port, but not the Wan/Internet port. Do not use the Wan/Internet port at all.

    Power on the laptop
    have it connected by wire or wireless
    Go to
    Set up wireless security with WPA+TKIP and an un-spellable password and any wireless channel that is not 6 and any SSID that is not "linksys"

    If you had connected wirelessly, remove your previous connection from your laptop's list of "preferred wireless networks" and then re-connect to your wireless network.

  3. WirelessInn

    WirelessInn LI Guru Member

    From wireless connection to file sharing

    I have follow all instructions to wirelessly connect desktop and laptop and provide both with Direcway satellite service. The desktop is CAT wired to the WRT54G which in turn receives internet connection from the Direcway modem. Your instructions are a god send: other instructions to connect Direcway-router-computers - including those from Direcway - simply do not work! Thanks.
    Now that I have wireless connection between the computers - or rather between the laptop and the WRT54G, HOW DO I GET TO CONNECT THE WIRELESS LAPTOP TO THE DESKTOP wired to the WRT54G, and share files, printer? I trust that your instructions will be as successful as the ones above!
    - Roger T
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