WUSB11: What can I do to improve reliability?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by buskerdog, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. buskerdog

    buskerdog Network Guru Member

    I lose my connection all the time due to interference (microwave, etc) and the Windows XP wifi management utility crashes each time, causing the computer to need to restart. So my question is two-fold:

    a) MOST IMPORTANT: Assuming that this interference is unavoidable, what can I install to manage the wifi instead of the default Windows utility? On another computer I have a Zyxel card and the software that Zyxel provided has performed flawlessly. Others have suggested checking Railink for alternatives but I'm not sure what would work with the adapter. (this is the 2.8 "B" adapter)

    b) Is there some way to counteract this interference problem? A different adapter? Some sort of signal booster? I can't move the computer closer to the router (the two home offices are far apart in order to prevent cabin fever from close proximity all day!) but short of that I'm willing to try pretty much anything.

  2. jfitz11

    jfitz11 LI Guru Member

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